We oppose the continuing efforts of the United States to crush these liberation movements.”, (c) Queer Liberation: “We support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender liberation. For millions of people, the result of U.S. domination is poverty, the violation of human rights and devastated environments.”. He came to prominence in Chicago as chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP), and deputy chairman of the national BPP. Prairie Fire played at several of these events, including one just across the street from the White House. African Liberation Day demonstrations were just picking up steam in the late 1970s, along with the struggle against South African apartheid. This is why many people around the world see the U.S. as an arrogant superpower that will not listen to people’s demands.”, In that same Statement, PFOC expressed great concern “that fear and anger after the September 11th attack have led to racist attacks against Arabs and Muslims here in the U.S. … Like the Apartheid regime in South Africa, Israeli laws enforce segregation.”, In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, PFOC issued a “Statement on September 11th” that read, in part: “This is a human tragedy. Prairie Fire the Politics of Revolutionary Anti-imperialism PRAIRIE FIRE is written to all sisters and brothers who are engaged in armed struggle against the enemy. But revenge will not bring back those who died on Sept. 11th. Totally without justification, people in this country have attacked and killed Arabs and Muslims — and people who look Arab or Muslim. (b) Self-Determination for Oppressed Nations: “Here in North America, we support the right of the Puerto Rican, New Afrikan/Black, Mexicano, Hawai’ian and indigenous peoples to define and lead their struggles for liberation. The guidelines were eventually made available to the public on May 15, 1967, when they were published in the second edition of The Black Panther, which was the party’s weekly newsletter. The U.S. has plundered the resources and weakened the national identities and cultures of nations around the world. Learn how the Weather Underground's 45-year-old Prairie Fire Manifesto still has things to say about modern culture. Portraying American history as an uninterrupted narrative of brutality and “imperialist expropriation,” PFOC accuses the U.S. of “systematically us[ing] its military, political and economic might to dominate and control the government, people and resources of other nations for its own benefit.” The organization refuses to recognize the United States as an entity with a legitimate right to exist — on grounds that the country’s creation and historical development were steeped in what PFOC views as irredeemable wrongdoing: “The early colonists stole Native American land and killed indigenous people. PRAIRIE FIRE is written to communist-minded people, independent organizers and anti-imperialists;those who carry the traditions and lessons ofthe struggles of the last decade, those who join in the struggles of today. … People around the world know … that the Apache and Cobra attack helicopters used to assassinate Palestinian leaders, the armored pile drivers and armored bulldozers used to destroy Palestinian homes … [and the weaponry] used to attack Palestinians are provided by United States. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS, founded 1959), years of history, investigation, and content, of charge to the world as a public resource, Discover the Networks is the only resource of its kind, Statement on the U.S. War on Afghanistan and International Law, Social change organization that seeks to radically transform American society, Views the U.S. as a nation rife with injustice. (e) Freedom for all Political Prisoners: According to PFOC, “close to 100 women and men are in U.S. prisons because they have dared to struggle for the liberation of oppressed peoples.” The organization directs special attention to the cases of: Sundiata Acoli, a Black Liberation Army (BLA) terrorist who murdered a New Jersey state trooper in 1973;  Sekou Odinga, another BLA member who in 1984 was convicted on 6 counts of attempted murder of police officers; Leonard Peltier, an American Indian rights activist convicted of murdering two FBI agents in 1975; Mumia Abu Jamal, a former Black Panther convicted of the 1981 murder of a Philadelphia policeman; Marilyn Buck, currently serving an 80-year prison sentence for her involvement in a 1983 U.S. Senate bombing and other political attacks; Carlos Alberto Torres, who helped a Puerto Rican terrorist group carry out a series of bombings and other armed attacks on U.S. government offices and military installations in the 1970s and early 1980s; Janine Africa and Debbie Africa, both convicted for the 1978 murder of a Philadelphia police officer; David Gilbert, a Students for a Democratic Society and Weather Underground Organization member who was arrested in 1981 in connection with the killing of three people during an armored car robbery; Mutulu Shakur, best known for planning the infamous and deadly $1.6 million dollar robbery of a Brinks armored truck in upstate New York; Luc Levasseur, whose group United Freedom Front committed numerous bombing attacks and bank robberies in the northeastern U.S. between 1975 and 1984; Jalil Abdul Muntaqim, a former Black Panther Party and BLA member who was implicated in the shooting deaths of a San Francisco policeman and two New York City officers; Zolo Agona Azania, who sits on death row for his conviction in a 1981 bank robbery and the killing of an Indiana policeman; and Oscar Lopez-Rivera, who was sentenced to a prison term of 55 years for seditious conspiracy which included the bombing of 28 targets in the Chicago area.
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