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porting oldsmobile j heads
“I had those sitting here, and took a look at the chamber design and the shape. Since the T/A heads are virtually … by George Nenadovich. THIS IS THE SAME HEADS THEY HAVE FOR A BETTER PRICE . Others usually got smaller valves. Options include stainless or titanium valves, beryllium valve seats, and a T&D 1.7:1 or 1.8:1 shaft rocker system that’s been developed specifically for this application. One: if you want solid, reliable power with an Oldsmobile powerplant, Rocket Racing and Performance is one of the leaders in the Oldsmobile performance game. Big enough for a 495 and still semi-streetable in a 461? With 70cc chambers built into the heads from the beginning, the heads handle street performance, but Wise explains that users looking to use them in more aggressive combinations can knock down the chamber dimension by decking the cylinder head and build some compression into the engine. There is a spacer system to make everything work with a big-block Olds. As the Oldmobile engine was offered in both small-block (9.330-inch deck height) and big-block (10.625-inch deck height) with no other changes to the basic architecture, the cylinder heads works on either combination without any issues. Pricing on the WPE Z head starts at $2,850 per pair for the Stage 1 design, with incremental prices increases as the user seeks to increase performance by choosing the Stage 2, 3 or 4 designs. Then is when I should see about improving flow in these heads. The heads are offered in four different configurations, from a basic CNC-chamber, CNC intake/exhaust port design that flows 340 cfm on the company’s Superflow SF600 flowbench all the way up to the big-dog 400-plus cfm max-effort cylinder head designed for all-out racing applications. Includes cutting a back angle on the valves at a specific degree. Heads are available with bronze guides and iron seats, with a beryllium-copper seat available for max-effort applications. as well as profiling of the combustion chambers. The Edelbrock #60519 Performer RPM head is perfect for street performance, daily drivers, street rods and muscle cars where seat-of-the-pants performance is needed. As well as port matching. Fully cnc'd. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. The heads started life as previously-mentioned Edelbrock units that have received a max-effort porting job at BTR. Both heads have the same casting number. Choose one of the categories below to narrow down your search, or scroll through it all if you want to browse. Includes port match. They run a smaller intake valve than the "K" heads. 8207A BIG BEND ROAD, WATERFORD, WI 53185, US (262) 706-3277. A good option for ported heads. The big-block and diesel engine blocks also used a 3.000-inch main bearing diameter over the small-block’s main bearing dimension of 2.500-inch. Scrape the oily goo off and read the letter at the lower left corner of the head, near the #1 or #8 spark plug hole, a letter about 1.5" high indicates a big block, while a number indicates a small block. Bigger is Better. →these heads will have 2.190 intake and 1.72 exhaust valves. Valve covers, fuel-injection-capable 4bbl-style intake manifolds, and other parts to install the cylinder heads are also available. 442s and Toronados came with 2.070"/1.625" valves. For small-block 350 and 403 Oldsmobile applications, you must use a port-matched 7111 Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold when using Mondello Edelbrock Aluminum Cylinder Heads. Our prices, quality, and service cannot be beat. This ad is for a pair of complete assembled aluminum Oldsmobile cylinder heads for 350-403 & 400-425& 455 engines. Oldsmobile Engine Parts We have all the parts you need for your S/B 330-350-403 or B/B 400-425-455 Oldsmobile no matter what power level you wish to accomplish. C,Ca and Ka heads are all big valve units. Stage III: $550 Our "strip" port job- the best bang for the buck. There is a spacer system to make everything work with a big-block Olds. © 2017 Power Automedia. Molding two designs into one proved more challenging than expected, but hard work and solid engineering principles made the Z head a reality. Jason draws on over 15 years of experience in the automotive publishing industry, and collaborates with many of the industry's movers and shakers to create compelling technical articles and high-quality race coverage. Stage III: See below for pricing Complements any head porting for maximum horsepower. Carefully opening that area closer to the valve seat diameter can wake-up many heads from 15- to 35-overall horsepower. This creates additional horsepower and torque. In hind sight, I would have used an olds … 50-55mph on a good day. The Stage 1 head is fully CNC-machined and is delivered with 5/16-inch bronze valve guides and iron seats. Includes full →rrp rocker stud girdles are available for rocket racing cylinder heads. We'll send you the most interesting Dragzine articles, news, car features, and videos every week. this is just a sampling of the many features these heads have. Then, the heavily-reworked chambers were filled with stainless valves measuring 2.165-inch on the intake side and 1.680-inch on the exhaust. Porting Prices: Intake Porting: Intake CFM's: Machining Services: BBC Chevy Heads: BBF Ford Heads: SBF Heads: SBC Heads: LS1/LS6 Intakes: LT1/LT4 Intakes: Mustang 5.0/4.6 Intakes: Kawasaki-ZX14R-ZX12R-ZX10R: Suzuki-Hayabusa-porting © 2020 Power Automedia. As well as port matching. Includes complete reshaping of the intake and exhaust ports. Complementary Products. CFM Performance © Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved. No charge if purchased as a complete set of heads. They are a clean sheet of paper design. It’s super easy to make a port as big as it can be. IMHO in stock form you will be lucky if you get bejond 300Hp and that is with a good pump setup. Flow testing: $75 Flow testing of one intake and exhaust- performed on our custom built bench at 28" of depression with flow sheet provided. CNC porting is also becoming a more affordable option, a Centroid 5-axis CNC machine like the one VAC Motorsports uses for porting BMW heads becoming a more commonly seen tool at higher end shops. Includes port matching and blending of the plenum and its dividers. We designed the cylinder head on paper for a max-effort race application, but what we’ve done is detuned it so that it works well for the street guy. 10. Many heads have a port restriction where “pocket porting” can have a very positive impact. Open today. Wise based his Olds cylinder head development on the port shape of the venerable Chevrolet SB2 cylinder head design. All rights reserved. If I had my current shop rate paid to me in a lump sum for every hour I spent porting and flowing heads and intakes in the ’70s and ’80s, I could build a new race car. There’s enough material in and around the deck to handle that kind of power,” he explains. The T&D shaft-rocker system was developed specifically for this cylinder head configuration. Acid Porting uses chemical treatments to enlarge the intake ports, which maximizes air flow & increases intake volume, while maintaining a stock appearance. “We designed this stuff a few years ago, and just recently put them into production and have had some great results out of them. Pricing is for traditional V-8 cylinder head pairs. Top End Transformation. Yes, I'm a married dad struggling to keep 2 69 442's on and off the road, life is tough. And the Ka DOES HAVE hardened seats. →along with ductile iron seats that are compatible with titanium valves.
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