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peer to peer meaning in bengali
look keenly or with difficulty at someone or something. Peer or Pir (Persian: پیر‎, lit. ). Six members are hereditary peers : the Duke of Buccleuch, the Earl of Wemyss, the Earl of Elgin, the Earl of Airlie, the Viscount of Arbuthnott, and the Earl of Crawford. Blake screwed up his eyes, trying to 'peer' through the fog, the Thames could not 'peer' with the mill-streamlet close to my home. He was admired by his 'peers' for his ability to consistently do great work, to promote that work elegantly, and to stay a contemporary artist and photographer: to always be a man of his time. See more. 'father') is common in the Indian subcontinent used as a salutation to Sufi masters or similarly honored persons. The occurrence of Siek has c Peer or Pir (Persian: پیر ‎, lit. They are also referred to as a Hazrat (from Arabic: حضرة‎, romanized: Haḍra) and Sheikh or Shaykh, which is literally the Arabic equivalent. peer meaning: 1. to look carefully or with difficulty: 2. a person who is the same age or has the same social…. Mention the most mentionable internet memes of the past year. Peer review is a quality control measure for medical research. Sadie spat with contempt, whilst 'peering' down at the half-filled bowl of dry cereal. Even disaffected 'peers' like the Duke of Buckingham and the Earl of Shaftesbury used this chamber to voice much of their dissatisfaction. Most of the exchanges like CEX, Binance, Bitcoin meaning in bengali and numerous others offer associate degree in-built Bitcoin wallet … His face, laced with concentration, 'peered' intently into two laptop screens that encompassed the majority of his minimal setup. It's not only MPs and 'peers' who are members, but many of the thousands of staff who work in the Palace of Westminster or in Whitehall. The title is often translated into English as "saint" and could be interpreted as "Elder". 'elder') is a title for a Sufi master or spiritual guide. This can result in either a positive or negative effect, or both. Lord Montagu was one of 92 hereditary 'peers' selected to remain in the Upper House under a deal struck with the Government in 1999. Seeders: Seeders are the human beings who've completely downloaded the torrent record, and now they're sharing it with other human beings (peers) who're nonetheless downloading the report. This change was an extension of Yorkist policy, both in Ireland and in the West Marches, where a minor 'peer' , Thomas Lord Dacre, was appointed lieutenant. Training now occurs in two parts: Level One for certification as a Kansas Certified Peer Specialist in Training (KCPST) which is an online, self-paced format and Level Two for certification as a Kansas Certified Peer Specialist, which is a 2.5 day in person training that will be offered up to 4 times per year in varying locations around the state. A user who wants to upload a file first creates a small torrent descriptor file that they distribute by conventional means (web, email, etc. It is also to be heard on the front and back benches of the House of Commons and is used by some members of the Lords, whether life or hereditary 'peers' . A P2P network can be an ad-hoc connection—a couple of computers connected via a Universal Serial Bus to transfer files. What is the meaning of seeds and peers in torrents? One of the most visible approaches to peer learning comes out of cognitive psychology, and is applied within a "mainstream" educational framework: "Peer learning is an educational practice in which students interact with other students to attain educational goals." Learn more. Sons of 'peers' and members of the gentry dominated the House of Commons, although there was a significant smattering of representatives from the armed forces and professions. Prophet Muhammad is the “Seal of the Prophets (khātam al-nabiyyīn),” (Qurʾan 33:40), indicating that there cannot be any Prophets after him. of Homer it is said that none could ever 'peer' him for poetry. a member of the nobility in Britain or Ireland, comprising the ranks of duke, marquess, earl, viscount, and baron. This is often done by general lessons (called Suhbas) and individual guidance.
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