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oxalis purple clover
You could break them up further but that will also damage and kill a Purple shamrocks like moist, well-drained soil and full sun to filtered shade. Each one of these clusters has at least 5 actual bulbs in it, which gives you a total of more than 25 potential plants. In USDA zones 6 through 10, it can grow outdoors in borders or edgings. The false shamrock plant (oxalis triangularis) is a bulb type flowering plant which is also known as the purple shamrock or wood sorrel from the oxalis genus. Botanical name: Oxalis Triangularis, common name: purple shamrock. Purple shamrock, or Oxalis triangularis, is also known as lucky shamrock. This 6-inch-tall plant grows in clumps and has four triangular-shaped purple leaves with rose markings. Ideal for borders, container gardening and the brown thumbed. The shamrocks are delivered as 20 individual ¾ inch tubers, which can be planted either outdoors or in an indoor container and will grow into white to light pink blooms over geometric purple patterned leaves. The small pinkish or white colored blooms are an attractive addition to the rich purple leaves, which are the star of the show. Funnel shaped flowers are white, with a pink tinge to them, and grow in clusters of 4 to 12. Purple Shamrock Clover Oxalis Triangularis Regnellii Bulbs Packet containing 5 small clusters of bulblets! Purple shamrock (Oxalis triangularis) is a houseplant in cold winter areas.
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