Baby Oatmeal. When first starting infant cereal, check the label to make sure that the cereal is a single- ingredient product—that is, rice cereal or oatmeal—and does not contain added fruit, milk or yogurt solids, or infant formula. ; The relaxing effect of a warm bowl of oatmeal can assist a breastfeeding mama’s let-down reflex and therefore stimulate breast milk production. A runny cereal -- 1 tablespoon of oatmeal mixed with 4 or 5 tablespoons of breast milk or formula -- provides your baby with good practice in learning how to manipulate and swallow solid food. Iron-fortified infant cereal (such as rice cereal or oatmeal) is another good solid food to complement breast milk. But, you have also probably heard that breastfeeding mothers should try to eat oatmeal each and every day. Its vata soothing properties promote postpartum healing and deep rest. Oatmeal is considered a galactagogue (an alien robot sounding word that means a food or substance that increases the flow of breast milk in mothers). This helps babies who are just starting to eat solid foods accept it when they taste something familiar. There are so many ways you can eat oatmeal, besides just a bowl of it with fruit in the morning. This smoothie is different in the sense that it is better served warm instead of cold. Although there is no scientific evidence regarding oatmeal and milk supply, oatmeal does seem to work for some. Now, if you are cringing at the thought of scarfing down packets of instant oatmeal in an effort to boost your breast milk supply for … For the first year of breastfeeding, and beyond, I ate oatmeal at least once day. When your baby is ready for solids, you should begin with a single-grain baby cereal, such as infant oatmeal or rice cereal, according to the This I could definitely do. This oatmeal lactation smoothie will help you increase the amount of breast milk you are expressing and satisfy that hungry feeling you get when breastfeeding. These are very desirable qualities to cultivate after the intensity of birth. Single-grain cereals, like baby oatmeal, are an ideal way to start your little one on solids. Baby oatmeal is made in much the same way as oatmeal for kids and adults, except breast milk or formula is added to the tiny tyke version. Eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast each morning is a frequently heard recommendation for increasing milk supply. ; Improves digestive health: Fiber in oats could improve bowel movement, thus avoiding/ easing constipation. The oatmeal will thicken as it sits so you can serve it in mushy finger foods chunks like I mentioned above (if your baby is good with finger foods) or you can add water, breast milk or formula to thin it out before serving. Having issues with your milk supply can really affect the way you start looking at food. Oatmeal is very grounding, soothing and even sedative. I give it to Olivia cold and she gobbles it up, but you can warm it up a bit before serving if you want. Many working moms have noticed that on the days they eat oatmeal for breakfast, they can pump more milk than on the days they eat something else. Provides vital micronutrients: Oats contain several essential micronutrients, including vitamin B6, vitamin E, zinc, iron, folic acid, copper, and magnesium .These nutrients can help in postpartum recovery while also supporting the baby’s health through breast milk .
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