Compose admissions and interrogatories and prepare spreadsheets, slides, graphs and charts according to legal investigative results. Thankfully, there are several best practices you can put into action to ensure you craft the best job description possible, one that’s sure to attract the candidates you desire. The job responsibilities section must outline the expectations you have for whoever fills the position, along with giving an accurate glimpse into the daily life of a nurse consultant. They have extensive and highly specialized knowledge to ensure that a facility's nurses and its processes offer the best possible care to patients. You can search and apply for over 2 million other jobs. As with most things in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to draft your nurse consultant job description. She holds degrees in both journalism and law. Comply with policy positions regarding local, state and federal regulations as well as regulations set forth by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Legal Nurse Consultant new Compile, analyze and summarize medical records. DO use bullet points and lists whenever you can. Clinical nurse consultants are increasingly included on health care teams to make informed decisions about treatment plans, improve patient care and to strengthen the skills of the clinical treatment team. With advanced and specialized knowledge in a certain field, such as geriatrics, you can provide more personalized care to patients who have special needs. The following are examples of items to include in this section: While the job qualifications and skills section of your nurse consultant job description may not be the longest, it still is important. Conducted routine, unannounced, on-site visits to health care facilities. This lets interested individuals know what to do next and the type of materials they should submit if they’re interested in becoming your next nurse consultant. Honesty is one of the most attractive qualities an employer can possess, and you’re likely to attract equally honest nurse consultants by displaying this trait. Legal Nurse Consultant Minimum of 3-5 years of clinical nursing experience. You may also personally train or coach the facility's nursing staff. Compile, analyze and summarize medical records. A clinical nurse consultant definition includes teaching, researching and clinical practice. Review a case for merit. Salary for a nursing consultant jobs tends to increase with time and experience. Effective consultant nurses are able to draw on a set of attributes. DO sprinkle bits of information regarding your company culture and philosophy throughout your job description. JOB DESCRIPTION … Nurse consultants offer information and testimony for legal cases concerning personal injury, medical fraud, worker's compensation, risk … Job description and jobs for NURSE, CONSULTANT. This section outlines the nurse consultant job specifications, which allows readers to know if they meet the qualification requirements. A clinical nurse consultant must be extremely compassionate, a master communicator and able to passionately advocate for a patient’s best interests. • Browse 100s of templates across 40+ industries, • Customize your template with your company info & job requirements. At least five years of experience as a Registered Nurse, At least two years of experience in legal nursing, Legal Nurse Consultant certification from the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board, A background in health promotion and maintenance, Act as a support system for medical providers and patients during investigations, Provide evaluations of risks and ways to prevent risks, Conduct investigations for malpractice claims by gathering information and completing reports, Set up expert witnesses and provide them with the proper information, Follow all policies and procedures for confidentiality and legal requirements, Solid understanding of medical procedures, policies and regulations, Skills working with computers and software programs. Some nurses choose to become lactation consultants … Writing a nurse consultant job description takes careful thought and attention. Be not discouraged. Before you share your opening with the rest of the world, make sure you aren’t leaving yourself open to a massive disappointment. Clinical nurse consultants tend to earn more money working in hospitals and outpatient treatment centers than in educational settings or for solo medical practitioners. Use a bullet list and keep it to only 6-8 items. Assist with legal investigations for physicians, private investigators, attorneys and accreditation as well as insurance organizations(not an exhaustive list). Job Duties of a Legal Nurse Consultant. A clinical nurse consultant is a highly trained, highly skilled advanced practice nurse who must have an advanced degree related to health care. NURSE CONSULTANT Employees in this job provide consultation to nursing and health care providers in the public and private sector to improve nursing and other health care programs, practices, and standards. National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists: What Is a CNS? In nursing consultant jobs, you evaluate both overall health care delivery systems at hospitals and individual patient cases. When writing this section of the nurse consultant job description, it is imperative to be exact and detailed. DON’T neglect to include contact information as well as a call to action at the end of your description. There are four classifications in this job. You can include preferred skills, but be sure to note their preferred status so applicants do not think of them as required items. DO remember that bullet lists make your copy easy to read and scan. You do not want to spend time having to weed out unqualified applicants, and jobseekers don’t want to waste their time applying for a job they can never get. Plus Free Job Search Tool. Nurse Consultant/Inspector 10/2011 to Current Office of Inspector General – Hopkinsville, KY. The ways this can be done depend upon the case and the expertise of the nurse… Studying a nurse consultant job description sample often goes a long way in helping you save time as well as the annoyance that comes with wading through the cover letters and resumes of unqualified applicants. Draw the eyes of your readers and you’re sure to draw their attention as well. Torres, Fishburne & Associates was conceived in 1995 by Bernard Torres, a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice cases. A Sample Job Description for a Lead Nurse, Comparison of the Role of Nurse Educator Versus a Nurse Practitioner. You may already know how essential having an experienced nurse consultant is to your medical office, but you might not be so knowledgeable on how to hire an experienced nurse consultant. The nurse consultant job responsibilities are a key component that you want to take your time with to ensure they are well written and draw attention to the key duties of the role. You’ll look into malpractice suits, help our attorneys understand charts and records and identify potentially rewarding cases. That means, in addition to getting your nursing degree and licensure, you must spend several more years in school earning a master's degree or doctorate. Conducted complaint investigations. As staff members, you provide both direct patient care and guidance for the nursing staff. Having only jobseekers who meet your requirements apply for the job makes it easier on everyone. Job Description. DON’T forget to include the geographic location of your practice or company with your job description. What’s more is they also seek to take a proactive approach to medical malpractice and negligence claims, providing medical professionals and practitioners with education regarding the latest medical laws and developments and steps they can take to avoid having legal actions brought against them. Legal Nurse Consultant Job Description. Be sure to keep these tips in mind while creating your job description to make the hiring process easier: DO include a call to action at the bottom of your job description. Jobs for those who meet the nurse consultant definition are expected to grow about 36 percent over the next decade, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. A clinical nurse consultant is considered an advance practice nurse, or nurse practitioner, that each state has its own certification for. In addition, get your hiring manager to check over the list to ensure it covers all the important specifications. Maintain experienced-level in relevant software programs. A nurse consultant definition at a hospital may include one who specializes in pediatric care to assess the care provided to the hospital's youngest patients. Experienced registered nurses may become registered nurse consultants in their particular area of expertise. You may work full-time or you may consult, as needed, depending on how much experience you have and your desire for a work-life balance. Engage in continuing education and training when the opportunity presents itself. Nurse Consultant Job Responsibilities & Duties Conduct medical record research. Create a list of possible medical, professional and legal experts to support cases and perform background checks. Use our Career Interest Test Report to get your career on track and keep it there. Draw attention to required skills. Nursing consultant jobs are found in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, outpatient treatment centers, universities, research labs and emergency rooms.
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