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npc after executioner's chariot
The charge attack cannot be blocked, making dodging the only option. Poison works quite well. I just spammed lingering flame at him to win. … Once this lever is pulled, the main gate will close and you must wait for the chariot to come around again to start phase two. The final 'fight' phase can be avoided by damaging the boss as it circles the arena (by using either ranged attack or arrows.) After the Necromancers and the Skeletons have been taken out, run to the lever and pull it. Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg, and Cerah the Old Explorer, Lud, the King's Pet & Zallen, the King's Pet, https://darksouls.fandom.com/wiki/Executioner%27s_Chariot?oldid=324100. The fighting phase of it can be done by ranged or melee, which ever you prefer. You have beat me. After entering the arena, the player can choose to rush the first Necromancer and clean up the Skeletons, allowing the player to take cover in an alcove. Some of his melee attacks have ground effects, so sticking close is dangerous. Phase 1: The key here is to rush towards each of the two Necromancers and take them out before the Skeletons can catch up, avoiding the Chariot by hiding in alcoves as you go along. You don't want it to charge you as it is more difficult to dodge and can deal serious damage. Health Executioner's Chariot perfect battle, Dark Souls II - Executioner Chariot - Physical Strategy. The first Necromancer is three coves to the left, so the player can run, get in the same cove as the Necromancer and kill him; if done correctly, the player can get in before the chariot arrives. Some doorways are not deep enough to protect you from the chariot. Being behind the horse will trigger him to stand on his two front legs and kick at you with his back ones. He will absolutely pummel the chariot with his claws. The boss is a large chariot drawn by a 2 headed horse, inside a large circular arena filled For me, the best way to kill the boss was to equip a +10 dagger, run into the boss area, immediately throw an alluring skull to the right, then run on the left side and hide in the first corridor to avoid the horse. NG The horse will then turn towards you and you should circle around it once again. The Horse will charge at you. There is a short way to end this fight. All you have to do then is hit the horse once and it falls and dies. Stacking Dark resistance makes surviving being run over by the chariot easier, as most of the chariot's attacks are Dark based. As you're running around, you'll have to take cover from the chariot by hiding inside small slits along the walls. This is when it switches to the Fighting Phase. Phase 2: At the start of phase two, the horse will fall over. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, The Horse raises it upper body and stomps on the ground with his hooves. Once you enter the room, a cut-scene will occur showing a skeleton pulling a lever which raises a gate. Three Skeleton can trap you in one of the cut offs so be careful once you enter one. Circle around the horse and don't get too far away from it or it might use its breath attack which deals a lot of damage (but is easily dodged). While he is not intelligent enough to run to alcoves to avoid the chariot, he does have a lot of hit points and can take a few chariot assaults. Sprint to the first necromancer, kill her and you have moment to breathe. Congratulations Miazaki. The fight consists of three phases: Killing the two Necromancers, pulling the lever, and killing the boss. HP: 4000-6000 (Standard Game) Souls Awarded: 19000 (Standard Game) 38000 (NG+) Drops: Executioner's Chariot Soul, Chloranthy Ring +2 (NG+). He'll get trampled, but if you're fast enough you can pull the lever. This boss has two phases. Once he begins to blow breath attack, avoid it by going to his side or ducking into an alcove. A single attack will send the chariot tumbling into the abyss, finishing the boss fight. 4,140 Run to the second Necromancer to the right; he can be found four coves away or after the curve. NG The scythes mounted on the chariot wheels can be rolled through but proper timing is mandatory. Stand with your back against the right hand wall, facing the opposite wall, and as close to the edge of the pit as you can safely be. The boss can hit hard, so avoiding his attacks and punishing him after recovery is recommended. (Both Yearn and Alluring Skulls are useful here to keep the skeletons busy while running for the Necromancers.) I tested this by using my ascetics on all the Huntsman bonfires, with no change in enemies, then using it on the Undead Purgatory Bonfire and seeing them strengthened and the boss reset, and stronger, with the stamina ring available. In the cove where 1st necromancer was, wait for chariot, when he passes, wait 2s, run to the archer on the right side, try to kill him - woosh another pass, all skellies should be down, use sweeping type of attack (eg. To fight this boss again on NG: You need to use a Bonfire Ascetic on the Undead Purgatory Bonfire, none of the Huntsman Bonfires. After you've pulled the lever, the gate will come down and the chariot will crash through it, destroying the chariot and killing the skeleton riding it. The player can now freely kill the boss without any resistance. . Once you reach the end of the circle, there will be a lever to pull. The timings will vary, so some experimentation will be necessary. .You can use a ranged weapon or an large area spell (Preferably soul vortex, because of the boss's large hitbox) in order to kill the boss. If you keep getting overwhelmed by skeletons: kill the nearest one before he assembles, kill the second one right after he assembles, hide on right side - chariot does first pass and will knock down the 3rd skeleton, rush out and kill him before he gets up. The goal is to run around the entire circle and pull a lever to close a gate. Once you kill the last Necromancer, instead of pulling the lever, wait for the chariot to pass and run to the edge of the pit. Do not attempt to go to the right, as there is a gaping pit that you will fall through, while the chariot can still traverse this path. Then immediately run to the corridor the necromancer is in and spam it with R2 dagger attacks until it is dead. Alternate strategy (ranged or magic users). Instead, stay behind it and try to bait it into kicking with its hind legs. Once both of the Necromancers are dead, the chariot should make quick work of the Skeletons. This strategy will end the same way as the caster version. Unless using alluring skulls to draw the attention of the skeletons I would avoid hiding in the alcoves. Once you step in, he'll come after you and help with the skeletons/necromancers and the boss.
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