Specialties NP. Also, is there a "cardiology certification" :redbeathe for NPs? The ENP certification examination is a competency-based examination that tests clinical knowledge of emergency specialty care across the life span population of prenatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult, elderly, and frail elderly. After successfully completing this fellowship, you are recognized at a graduation ceremony and receive a Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences certificate documenting completion of a one-year postgraduate Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Fellowship. Find out more. Certifications allow nurse practitioners to demonstrate their expertise in a variety of clinical settings. The NP is paired with an experienced mentor but during a hectic shift there may not be time for academic discussions. JEKA. Posted May 19, 2008. The course was designed by and for NPs; we welcome PAs and Advanced Practice Nurses. Current ACLS certification REAPPOINTMENT REQUIREMENTS To be eligible to renew privileges as an NP in Cardiology, the applicant must meet the following criteria: An adequate volume of experience with acceptable results for the past 24 months and demonstrated current competence based on results of ongoing professional practice evaluation and outcomes. There seems to be a lack of organization when NP’s new to the specialty are oriented. These sub-specializations do not require specific schooling beyond population foci; however, some require an additional certification exam. While all nurse practitioners are certified in their population-focus (i.e., medical specialty), some earn additional certifications to expand their knowledge base and increase their job opportunities. The cardiovascular specialty offers you the opportunity to become an expert clinician in the care of individuals with cardiovascular disease. Welcome to the AANPCB . Thanks. Cardiology NP? Graduation and certification. News & Information. I am really excited about this opportunity and would love to learn more about it. Emergency NP. Browse through the course brochure to see the extent of the Course offering. Welcome to the only Comprehensive Clinical Cardiology Course Available just for Cardiac Nurse Practitioners working in Cardiology areas. The ANCC Cardiac-Vascular Nursing board certification examination is a competency based examination that provides a valid and reliable assessment of the entry-level clinical knowledge and skills of registered nurses in the cardiac-vascular specialty after initial RN licensure. The online coursework includes content from the American College of Cardiology Core Curriculum and incorporates the latest evidence based knowledge in … I am a new FNP and just accepted a position with an interventional cardiologist:redbeathe one month ago. Hours For example, an acute care adult-gerontology (population foci) NP might choose to further specialize in cardiology or emergency medicine. The Cardiology NP 101 series is a work in progress to ultimately build up the knowledge base of what cardiology nurse practitioners need to know. Does anyone have any ideas, sites etc for me to review, study, learn etc.
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