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new shows on stan
To our knowledge, all information in articles on the Canstar Blue website was correct at the time of publication. The best TV shows you can stream on Stan In over three years, Stan has considerably expanded its catalogue, which now includes thousands of … Monster Beach: Season 1, Episode 46 21 Jump Street – December 10. Monster Beach: Season 1, Episode 41 With so many shows and movies to choose from on Australia's major streaming services, it can often be difficult to find the best new stuff to entertain yourself with when each weekend. Van Vuuren also pulls triple duty, as writer, director, and one of the leads, in this feature length comedy about Sydney’s finest—that is self-centred and capable of farcical decisions—DJ duo. But not everyone is ready to leave their iso bubble so curling up on your couch and bingeing some new movies is perfectly fine too. A Million Little Things: Seasons 1 – 2 This information may have changed over time. Siren: Season 3 : Season 2 – Premiere Monster Beach: Season 1, Episode 38 Ted – Show Me Love, Fearless: Season 1 New Movies on Stan. The show is seen through the eyes of handmaid Offred, who struggles to survive in this new world as a surrogate for a powerful commander. Full Moon in Paris, Power Book II: Ghost – Season 1, Episode 6 – Midseason Premiere When it goes askew this limited series finds new parameters, including deception, a satire of British society, and unfulfilled longing. Will these girls ever grow up? * All new streaming movies & series. Marguerite, Madagascar: A Little Wild: Season 1, Episodes 8-13 The deeply touching documentary visits 23 countries and 40 refugee camps over the course of a year, and will leave you baffled by the power of personal human impact. Critic Craig Mathieson surveys each month’s selections and picks for titles most worth watching. Sign up for FLICKS weekly updates - what's new & awesome in cinemas. The Guest, Four Weddings and a Funeral: Season 1 – Premiere Despite this, the Amy Poehler-produced comedy promises to the wildest and most hilarious yet, with workout sessions with Shania Twain to retirement home adventures in Florida. If our maths is correct, that’s a sweet 28 hours and 56 minutes, or 1680 minutes. Refer to the product fact sheet (or relevant similar documentation) before making any purchase decision. Created and directed by Perth-born Thomas Meadmore, After The Night delves into the unbelievable true story of one of Australia’s deadliest serial killers Eric Edgar Cooke, known as ‘The Night Caller,’ who terrorised and destroyed a local Australian community, murdering eight people and assaulting and attempting to kill many, many more. 3 Days to Kill Delinquents Star Bryan Cranston, who played the unforgettable chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin Walter White, has finally found a lead role to bring him back to television. See More Stan Originals. Monster Beach: Season 1, Episode 44 Check out all the new shows and movies available to stream in Australia on Netflix and Stan in May 2018. This is what will appear next to your ratings and reviews. If so, you’re in luck, because Stan is home to some of the best TV shows and new movies currently available in Australia. The likes of Alan Cumming and Michael J. The Best TV Shows on Netflix, Stan, Foxtel & Amazon Prime Australia To Distract You From The News Thankfully, with Netflix , Stan, Foxtel and Amazon Prime at our disposal, there are plenty of feelgood sitcoms, downright addictive dramas, juicy reality TV shows and fascinating docuseries to … We welcome back Season 10 finalist Eureka O’Hara, Mayhem Miller, season 7 complicated freak Jasmine Masters, Season 4 All-Stars competitor Latrice Royale, All Stars 3 finalist and A Star is Born actress Shangela, Kim Chi and winner of All Stars 3 Trixie Mattell. Whether you’re into drag queens, secret agents, wolves or space, Stan is delivering the goods – its Christmas presents to you! For the full list of everything arriving on the platform, scroll down. Monster Beach: Season 1, Episode 47 Colonia In New York City 1981, an ambitious immigrant fights to protect his business and family during the most dangerous year in the city's history. The Zookeeper’s Wife Next of Kin: Season 1 Unlike the previous three seasons which have taken place during pleasant summers, season 4 sees a bleak and harsh winter to coincide with Trump’s presidency (the show even censors his name every time it’s mentioned as if it’s a swear word). The women, who are the few remaining fertile, wear a ‘uniform’ and are labelled handmaids. RuPual’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular features eight of the most loved past queens across drag race herstory competing for the most important title yet – America’s first Drag Race Christmas Queen. See a sneak peek of Stan's Original Series, Exclusive TV shows, First Run Movies and our Kids collection. Every month, streaming services in Australia add a new batch of movies and TV shows to their libraries.New to Netflix MARCH 6 ‘Spenser Confidential’ Mystery writer Robert B. Escape From New York, About Time Monster Beach: Season 1, Episode 43 For the full list of everything arriving on the To post ratings/reviews we need a username. A true crime series, a dystopian drama and all the other TV shows coming to Stan in a groundbreaking new deal.
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