This year the latter dimension has had a particular urgency and a special poignancy for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, as first we lost AD, as we fondly referred to Achmat Dangor, then Ntate George Bizos, then Mme Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President Nelson Mandela's widow, Graça Machel, talks about her time with him and what she thinks his true legacy will be. Mandela is a man who spanned many decades, cultures and realities in his search for freedom and justice. Founded in 1999, the Nelson Mandela Foundation is the legacy that Mandela has left behind. Mandela’s legacy is huge, but it’s summed up by the way his countrymen and women view him: to them, Mandela was the founding father of their democracy and the … Nelson Mandela's legacy. Routinely in the democratic era, September is a month in which South Africa celebrates its heritage and thinks deeply about legacy. Simple changes in everyday behavior can honor Mandela's legacy. The organization focuses on what was central to … He sacrificed deeply and nobly, and in the process became a world icon for human rights. STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Forgiveness, compassion, humor used by many notable world leaders.
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