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native plant mail order
We will not ship a plant that is significantly smaller than specified. Thanks for your interest in Mail Order Natives. Do you accept custom orders? Welcome to Yellow Springs Farm and Native Plant Nursery, offering a wide selection of plant species and handmade goat cheese for mail order or pickup. Most species are offered as landscape-ready plugs; some in containers up to 1 gallon. What size native plants do you sell? Native wildflowers, grasses, sedges & ferns Keystone Wildflowers provides a variety of Pennsylvania native plants, including wildflowers, ferns, grasses and sedges, shrubs, vines and trees. All such claims must be made within seven days of receipt of plants. Florida Native Plant Society. Although we cannot control weather, natural conditions, and how and where you use your plant material, we will do our best to satisfy your concerns should you experience a problem with the plants you purchase from us. Check out our list of recommended websites to find quality mail-order plants to add to your own garden. Those listed in our brochure, “ Landscaping with Plants Native to Indiana ,” are readily available at finer garden centers and via mail-order. We have provided native plants to wonderful people across the USA for 15 years. Our ship dates are usually between April and December, We can mail bare root throughout the year. Our inventory consists entirely of species native to this region of the Midwest, with an emphasis on plant stock that has been grown from local genotype seed sources (Indiana and Midwest). Trusted websites to buy plants online We love to shop, especially for plants, bulbs, seeds, and anything garden-related! We are happy to quote on your custom growing needs. Because we are a farm, we do not have regular hours of operation like a retail store. We use UPS and Fedex Ground for most orders, according to best price and delivery schedule for your zip code. Availability is subject to change without notice. Mail-Order Natives has been able to make it into my Top 5 online native plant sources and that's saying a lot. There are native varieties of annuals, edibles, perennials and shrubs that can be used in combination to provide scenic beauty while being ecologically responsible. We understand the necessity of maintaining New Zealand’s biodiversity and supporting existing ecosystems. establishment of their plants. Please call to request a custom mail order form. Within a 25 mile radius, the minimum delivery charge is $65. Start your own Native Plant Project with our Plant Boxes delivered direct to your door. Select from the list or map locations below to find native plant nurseries near you. Native plants have been carefully selected and grown at our nursery in Merricks on the Mornington Peninsula. At Plant More Natives, we have combined our extensive design/field experience with a goal to help restore natives in the residential landscape. Goldfinch Native Plant Nursery is a 100% native plant nursery located in Southwest Indiana (Evansville). If you are a nursery, please visit our Calscape Nursery Resources. At this time, all Native Plant Trust sanctuaries are open only to local residents to avoid overcrowding. When viewing a particular plant, we usually specify either the container size and/or the plant height range to give you a sense for size. Quality Native Plants supplied in 50mm square x 120mm deep tubes * Minimum Total Order of 25 plants is required. For refunds or replacement plants, we request that you notify us within seven days after delivery. Phone: 850-973-7371. Mail Order Natives - 850-973-0585 (cell) - 850-974-5416 (fax) superiortrees@centurylink.net (email) Shadow Nursery , 254 Shadow Nursery, Winchester, TN 39398, 931-967-6059 Located at a private residence. Emily . Species Native Plants for Your Landscape. Their prices are very competitive, the plants are packaged well and the shipping charges are reasonable. Javascript must be enabled in order to use Google Maps. Our business depends on the support of our customers. May I visit the Farm? Our aim is to have over 100 different varieties available soon, so if … Cat/W. We usually do not ship during extreme heat waves, especially in   July and August, unless we can insure quality delivery of your plants due to overnight shipping and/or a moderate weather trend. A mail order native plant nursery for Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco and most of the West Coast. Join the native plant movement and reap the rewards. Meadow Beauty Nursery Parks and landscape projects. We endeavor to grow the best quality plants that we can using organic and sustainable methods. We … Do you have other favorites? Mail Order Natives for more! We also do landscape consulting and designing for residential and businesses. Prices listed are F.O.B. What if a native plant I order is not in stock? www.watermarkwoods.com Virginia Native Plant Society * Every Wednesday, 10 am to 1 pm, April through October. Fairfax, VT 05454 | plants@northeastpollinator.com Mail order sales only. Our plants are grown from seeds collected from local indigenous plants to ensure high survival rates. Once the holidays are over, I begin thinking about new plants for the garden. There is an option in the shipping menu on the website plant order form for you to select “No shipping charge/Pick-up at Farm.”  Please call or email to specify exact pick-up or delivery schedule. You may call us anytime. We will strive to earn your confidence so that you will always feel confident purchasing our products and services. Native Tubestock Plants and had amazing results with high survival rates and amazingly quick This website is provided by the Virginia Native Plant Marketing Partnership as a hub to resources identifying plants native to Virginia and a place to start for guidance about landscaping with Virginia’s native plants.. Please call for precise delivery charge quotes. Naturally Native can ecosource plant material for specific contracts. What are your hours of operation? A non refundable deposit of one third the order value will be required. Any amount of each species, so mix them up any way you like! Native Gardens of Blue Hill Blue Hill, Maine All natives; early June. Some days we are too busy in the nursery, or working at a client site, and unable to offer personal attention to visitors. E-mail to make an appointment or order plants. The mission of Redbud Native Plant Nursery is to be the primary source of sustainably raised native plants for retail buyers in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Octoraro Native Plant Nursery We ask that you contact us ahead of time by phone or email to arrange a visit. A micro-nursery offering about 50 native species grown from local wild seed. We usually ship early in the week to insure delivery and to prevent your plants from sitting in a truck over a weekend. Container sizes vary from approximately 1 qt to 7 gallon containers. We accept credit most credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Discover. ©2010-2020 Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN) We collect seed from around the Bay of Plenty to make sure our plants are suited for their environment. If you have a hankering for a plant from the Lone Star State, check out our list of Texas native plants below. I've now placed 2 orders, for 7 different plants, with them and every plant has thrived thus far. We now offer over 400 native perennial species and cultivars at our online mail-order only store.
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