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my recipes app
Save recipes from any app or blog. Presenting a breakthrough in microwave cooking – Samsung My Recipes, the first ever Microwave app for Android smartphones. An Innovative and unique app that enhances the features of your Samsung microwave oven. MyRecipeBook is coming soon to the iPhone and iPad! Make the most of your Smart Oven with the 'My Recipe' app. The result is … RecipeBox saves just the recipe to let you focus on cooking. One app, so easy to use and save recipes I get online ALL the time, lan out my meals so I don’t buy tomatoes and they rot because I don’t need them for a recipe that week, and a shopping list IN the app so it will be easier to find It's free. ActiFry, one spoon to reinvent your cooking! My CookBook (Android, iOS) is a recipe management app designed to help you search for recipes from your favorite websites and blogs and then import them to the app’s database. For even easier saving use our iOS app. Enter the new Altova MyCollections app: I’ve already started using this for my recipes and other collections, and I’ll never go back. Download the app to create magic in the kitchen. Save the URL of any recipe you find online. Use it to join Samsung's cookery classes, connect with expert chefs and learn to prepare exotic new recipes. Application available in English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish and Dutch. This app has the largest collection of Indian and Continental recipes, with more than 300+ Auto cook and over 50+ conventional recipes customized for 50 Samsung Microwave Ovens. Join today! MyCollections lets you catalog any collection whatsoever – whether it’s comprised of actual objects like books, CDs, watches, or camping equipment – or if it’s your favorite places to visit, your great-hikes bucket list, or your birthday wish list. The ActiFry application, your personal assistant to easily make hundreds of delicious recipes with your Tefal ActiFry. You can also share your recipes, so other users (and visitors) can view them. Click here to get an announcement e-mail when the app is available.
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