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mvwp576kw vs mvwp575gw
We just got this washer today, already did 3 loads and it worked beautifully. I noticed whether it is on a deep fill cycle or non deep fill cycle the water level in the tub is the same – about 3/4 of way full. Unfortunately, this website only ships to US address. I saw an “ALLIANCE” sticker on the back of these machines; I suppose they may be a new companion line of commercial-only machines alongside the more familiar “Speed Queen” and “Huebsch” top-loaders. I was confused by your comment under personal opinion that it will wash 6 bath towels “is less than 3 hours”! The PowerWash® cycle with deep water drenches loads and ensures all detergent is mixed into every wash. We take pride in building strong, reliable appliances for both commercial and residential environments. Watch my videos on the 2018 Speed Queen. Does it drain or does it go right into the wash cycle? I had 4 pair of swim trunks in last week and they did not spin. After filling the tub I push pause but it then starts to drain. It sounds as if the bearing is going. Thank you for your time. Use the button below to find your country's KitchenAid website. Two weeks ago, my husband and I purchased the 4.7 Maytag top loader and are planning on returning. I am leaning towards that machine and want to know which machine is quieter and do either one of them rock when they spin? It just takes longer to fill. The heavy-duty stainless steel wash basket wicks moisture away from clothes and is tough enough to resist everyday wear and tear. Any reason why this washer wouldn’t be able to pump to this height? I bought one too based on this blog and reviews which were good. It doesn’t say much for their company with them blacklisting you either. Thanks so much, Aggressive agitation is excellent at cleaning but rough on clothing. The Maytag mvwp575gw washer 18 months later is still my overall number one pick for cleaning performance in top loads. A red light on the control panel indicates the lid is locked. any specific recommendations for such a appliance? That said, I would definitely take a strong look at the Maytag and probably not consider the 2018 SQ. Took delivery on 8/2/2019. Thank Eugene. No water level control, it does not sense. I love it but it’s time to soak my shower curtain. This info is great. Hello: I was really glad to find this info. They seem to be what we are all seeking.  It fills up all the way with water, it circulates the clothes properly, it rinses well. My 13 year old GE Easy Care Top Load washer if about to die. We wanted a simple, old fashion type top loader agitator machine that has options for water levels. The dual-action agitator optimizes wash action for fast rollover resulting in robust cleaning in short cycle times. Maytag couldn’t repair it so the store we bought it from is sending us another machine. Something to consider when buying this model. The new Speed Queen TC5 has just become available at this writing, and I bought one literally a half-hour after I saw it on Eugene’s site this past Saturday morning. Maytag MVWP576KW If you like old-school washers, the Maytag MVWP576KW is a solid choice. I still have concerns about it so I just don’t know what to do at this point because I need a washer. Any help I’d love to hear it, thanks all so much! From our Clyde, Ohio commercial assembly line to you, this washer is proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. David. Mine only fills up about 85% to the top of the agitator/bottom of fabric softener cap for agitator. We bought the Maytag MVWB765FW (4.7 cu.ft) agitator, glass top, at BestBuy on 7/29/2019. Everything i want it to do it does well.  A typical cycle on the MT is about 40 minutes. The company still says there is no problem with the machine but I have to say this cannot be normal. I will not take a chance on anything new ever again, well except for the Maytag MVWP575GW which is an excellent machine. I was going to buy a Speed Queen TR5 until I watched your videos and read your reviews. She would probably tell you to take some medicine and lay down! If your water pressure is good and the water fills normally the only things it could be is possibly the pressure tube or the main board that the pressure tube connects to. I would pick the Maytag just because of the better warranty and better price, I bought this washer based on Eugene’s video and other source research. One thing to mention is that Maytag kept sending us a residential machine repair person. Anyhow, good luck with your choice; I hope that whichever you buy, you get many years of satisfactory performance out of it. It does not drain the water out and progresses to wash cycle on its own. It is made by the same company that makes Speed Queen. I’m surprised to hear anything bad about them, really. I’d like to add my sincere thanks to the ever-increasing numbers of consumers who so appreciate all the time you’ve devoted to helping us find quality washers. I can live with the way it is working as it cleans the clothes well, but if there is some simple well-known fix I can do here…. I have to put them on the spin cycle 2-3 times to get them to spin out. I think the transmission is going bad, but not 100% sure. The photo of a top loader for light commercial use on their website looks just like a Speed Queen, but with different branding. I firstly want to express my sincere gratitude for all of the time you have invested testing, reviewing and answering questions regarding this topic! This is still the best washer I have tested so far and is still my #1 recommendation for new top load agitator washers. The Normal “Eco” is temperature controlled and the ONLY half tub wash with spray rinse. As far as it filling and draining, is the discharge pump running? We bought this washing machine a month ago and love it. Yes, the dryer legs are extra long. What do you think of this new model? However, the temperature of the water heater and incoming cold water supply can cause results to vary for others. Â, If you are at your wit’s end with washers that have poor performance, stink, leak, break down, and shake all over the place, Take a look at this Maytag. So simple to use. I’m wondering if anyone has tried to replace the impeller? Have only had this washing machine for a couple of weeks, and are loving it. The mvwp575gw is unlike any other Maytag I have tested- in the best way possible. My laundry is on the 2nd floor, and because of this I am looking at getting new machines. If the sq is under $500 I’d consider it. So far so good. We currently have a Maytag MTW5700TQ0 washer that’s on its last leg and it’s agitator turns faster than either of these, even on the delicate cycle. I bought the 2018 SQ!! My clothes do the exact same thing. All 3 models are mechanically identical. Lorem ipsum Luglio 18, 2016. Visit maytag.com for Limited Warranty details. I cannot understand how Speed Queen’s 2018 washing machines ever passed a design review before they went into production. WORSE machine I have ever owned, and I am 68, so covers a lot of years.  This washer is not a huge capacity, nor is it particularly energy efficient. Bought the Maytag ‘575 based on your take on it and it’s been great. To pause the washer for more than 10 minutes, press the green button with the lid closed. If you decide to do this, I would also recommend a safety lockout device that keeps the washer from being plugged in while not in use and to supervise the washer closely when in use. Then again, when I got home I had to run a couple of loads at the coin laundry, and ran them in Speed Queens I know to be at least thirty-five years old. We’re going to go over the differences, namely the pros and cons of the new Speed Queen TC5000WN Vs. Owned this washer for 3 months now and love it! It promises the option of getting full tub of water. Curious if anyone has considered or reviewed Miele W&D vs the ones we’re seeing (SQ/Maytag)? Recently I was in the market for a washer and found a Whirlpool direct drive. These components are encased within thick, galvanized steel panelling engineered to take a beating and resist corrosion. Does the Maytag MVWP575GW clean better than the 2017 Speed Queen? Is that correct? Thank you Eugene for your advice on how to fix my old Maytag that we’ve had for over 30 years! Love how quickly it washes the load and uses minimal water. I am glad I found your websight!  In fact, its one of the best I have ever tested. I am now in the direct drive business, finding low cost and broken machines and reselling out of my garage. I’ve been through Whirlpool belt drives when they had wig wags, the Whirlpool direct drive that replaced them, and the newest version. Remember to turn the cold back on all the way for the rinse portion of the cycle.
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