If one guitar has 15 switch combinations and 14 are crap, is that actually more versatile than a guitar with 3 settings that all sound good? End result: a very versatile guitar! In the spirit of Peskey, I post the first scratch-built I made: Duncan vintage Tele neck, SSL-1 Mid, Anderson HS-3 bridge. The most famous Fender’s signature is for creating the Fender Stratocaster, which is an incredibly user-friendly guitar that has been proven time and time again to be easy to repair, easy to upgrade, and provides users with the ability to grow along with their skill level. The two toggles … Both the and are Fender legends and two of the most popular guitars in the history of guitars. Plus, the vintage style split-shaft fender tuners and vintage style bridge ensured long string changes and constant tuning! There's a level where "most versatile"" is a very limited perspective. As a passionate guitar lover, you probably have heard about one of the most popular brands out there - Fender.This company of high-quality musical products was founded in 1946, and ever since then is one of the leading manufacturers in the music world. These two instruments are loved by millions of guitar players all around the world. I loved the option of the strat or humbucker neck pickup, but the hot rails never sounded worth a flip in single coil mode. Frankly, I'd rather have a guitar with only one pickup that's great than to have one with a thousand choices that are all mediocre. Also, are endorsed by many iconic musicians in almost every single music genre there is. Additional Fender Guitar History.
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