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most beautiful sea creatures
Be sure to show off this list to all your friends and family! There are 30 known species of clown fishes in the world, found within shallow waters of Indo-Pacific oceans. Most species of nudibrachs feed only one kind of prey. Clownfishes are one of most beautiful and brightly colored fishes in the world. It is distantly related to the original sea anemone. The Leafy Seadragon is a fish related to the seahorse. This brightly colored crustacean spends most of its time in soft sediments and coral reefs. Divine.ca, Canada’s Bilingual Online The insanely bright colors of starfishes camouflage them, also used for warn potential predators. Jan 2, 2012 - If you thought the crabs were pretty, you will be transfixed by these gorgeous sea creatures. WanderEater.com, leading those wandering aimlessly for food. One of the most beautiful sea creatures is the mantis shrimp. The color of their body varies as orange, red or yellow with distinctive white stripes. The bills of birds are make them one of the most beautiful species on Earth. These worms have two brightly colored Christmas tree like crowns. Sea anemones derived their name from equally colorful terrestrial anemone flower. In fact they are not actually fishes, they don’t have gills or fins like fishes. The plumes of Christmas tree worms comes in different colors including red, orange, yellow, white and pink. Sign up to reciece TMW articles and we'll not spam you. Both clownfish and anemone get benefit from their mutual life. The sting from flower hat jelly is not deadly to human but very painful. Some species of nudibranchs feed on sponges and some feed on sea slugs. They are notable for their striking colors in different patterns. Shutterstock. Their dorsal fins also have such beautiful patterns and the caudal fin appears in deep yellow color. There are more than thousand described species of sea anemones lives in throughout world ocean. beautiful sea creatures. The gender and coloration repeatedly changes during the development of parrot fishes. Perhaps the most beautiful of the invertebrates, tube anemones are comprised of two whorls of tentacles that can vary in colors of green, purple, pink, and red. Christmas tree worms are colorful marine creature distributed throughout tropical oceans around the world. They can see both polarized and ultra violet light. Following are list of some of incredibly colorful ocean creatures. Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on February 07, 2015: Thank you for formally introducing me to the Candy Crab :) Quite a hidden colorful trickster. They grow to be about 6 inches long and have a single row of teeth. They spend most of their time attached to seas floor by their adhesive legs. We the team at TMW is highly concerned about the privacy of users of this site. This brightly colored crustacean spends most of its time in soft sediments and coral reefs. This stunning species gets its name from its choice of habitat, making dens out of washed-up and hollowed out coconut shells on the seafloor. Coloration in animal kingdom plays wide variety of roles, to attract opposite sex, to warn enemies and to camouflage. As they mature parrotfishes change color to vivid green or blue colors. They used this coloration as a primary defense mechanism to escape from predators. Regal angel fishes are medium sized angel fishes found in tropical Indo-Pacific oceans. The Glaucus atlanticus, commonly known as the blue dragons, were found on Fish Hoek Beach near Cape Town in South Africa by a local woman who was out for a walk. The body of ragel angel fish features altering bluish-white and orange stripes. This beautiful sea creature is one of the best animals in the ocean at camouflaging and are tricky to see if you don’t look close. It’s a small creature, just 3 inches long. Blue tang is also known as regal tang, royal blue tang and hippo tang. Post with 0 votes and 53 views.
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