[22][23], In 2016, Akdülger took part in the theatre play which was prepared for Duygu Asena's 70th birthday and adapted from the author's autobiographical novel, Kadının Adı Yok'. Yes, he goes to gym, to maintain n=his body. Metin Akdülger is recently played the role of Ozan on The Gift. His father’s name is not known. Short film, Akdülger is also one of the producers. "[39] Akdülger's physical performance was admired by Akşam,[40] and Ranini.tv praised him for his simple and powerful performance. In 2015, he appeared as Tahsin in the Analar ve Anneler television series. And there he realized his attraction towards acting. Metin Akdulger is Turkish actor. No, he has seen drinking alcohol in the public places. 280k Followers, 482 Following, 145 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Metin Akdülger (@metinakdulger) Akdülger, who took part in amateur plays and made short films during his youth, attended acting classes at his school due to his interest in acting while continuing his education at Koç University. Umursuyorum Kısa Animasyon Film Yarışması", "Okan Yalabık ile Funda Eryiğit aynı filmde", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Metin_Akdülger&oldid=991148198, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Grant Gustin. 32 Year Olds. Murad in The Magnificent Century: Kösem, The dream man in My Favorite Fabric, Ates Arbay in Persona. Metin Akdülger is a Turkish actor mostly known for his roles as Orkun Civanoglu in Medcezir, 4. In the same year, he landed his first leading role in a TV series by portraying Murad IV in the second season of the historical show Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem. He joined the Craft Theatre team in 2012. He has not shared his father’s name but his parents immigrate from Thessaloniki and Skopje. [2][16] Evaluating the play, Yaşam Kaya wrote that Akdülger is "successful and in the foreground". [57], Akdülger was a judge in the Univision section of the 2018 KısaKes Film Festival. About. In 2018, Akdülger appeared in a main role in Gaya Jiji's My Favourite Fabric, in which he played an imaginary man that appears to a young woman who is about to get married amidst the Syrian civil war but wants to pursue her dreams. [1] He realized that he had an interest in acting while taking part in small plays in high school and shooting short films with his friends. ", "Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem 2. sezon 2. bölüm fragmanında harem karışıyor", "Kırık Kalpler Bankası, Damat Koğuşu, Murtaza; İstanbul Film Festivali'nde bugün...", "Onur Ünlü'nün yeni filmi Kırık Kalpler Bankası'ndan afiş yayınlandı", "Baldan Karanlık: Güm güm güm iç çekercesine...", "Baldan Karanlık size "Karın tok kalp aç!" ", "Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem final bölümü ile ekrana geldi! His professional theatre career began in 2012 with his role in the play Tape. İşte, yeni dizilerin ve filmlerin detayları", "Oyuncu Metin Akdülger'den onu çok beğenen hayranlarına: Estağfurullah, o sizin kendi seksiliğiniz...", "KısaKes Film Festivali'nde ödüller sahiplerini buldu", "İzmir Kısa Film Festivali yarın başlıyor", "20. In 2016, he took part in the play Kahramanlar Hep Erkek, an adaptation of Duygu Asena's autobiography Kadının Adı Yok. After the series, Akdülger commented that "he did not comply with the role of villain, but he successfully overcame the [hardships of playing the] role". [64] On 30 April 2020, he released the songs "Aşk Canavarı" and "İstiyorum Elbet" with the same band. Metin Akdülger has been in relationships with Farah Zeynep Abdullah (2017) and Dilara Findikoglu (2014). And after his successful acting, he went to New York to learn acting. Later, he got the role of Necip in Without Me movie. He played football in the amateur league, joining the team Başıbüyük Spor in Maltepe for about three months,[10] and together with his acting coach Merve Taşkan met paralyzed people in hospitals. He eats healthy food for a healthy body. The play, which was about the story of an abandoned dog, went on stage for the first time on 9 December 2017. Metin Akdülger not shared his dating information in the public domain. No, he does not smoke and has not shared this information in the public. He spends most of his childhood in a farmhouse. As a result, your field of exploration as an actor increases. And he does lots of hard work for that. He also acted in many movies including My Favorite Fabric, Kirik Kalpler Bankasi, Clair Obscur. [10][56] Since they needed a more professional person with a knowledge of music to help with live performances, their high school friend Mehmet Can Erdek joined the band and Akdülger said that new people might join them in the future. Metin Akdulger is Turkish actor. Metin Akdülger started his acting career from his school and college plays. [8], Akdülger, who had previously met and worked with Ahmet Küçükkayalı, received an offer from him in 2013 to portray the character of Necip in a movie that was set to be written and directed by Küçükkayalı himself and Akdülger subsequently accepted the offer. But he took his admission to Istanbul University to learn international relations. He get paid good amount of money to promote brands on his social media accounts.
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