In fact portability is definitely the Mini 130’s strongest points in my opinion and would be one of the main reasons myself and many others would recommend it. This Dobsonian is shipped already assembled and is well packaged for protection during transit, with a smaller box containing a red-dot finder, two eyepieces (26mm and 9mm), instructions and Meade’s Autostar planetarium software. The finder is a zero-magnification variety and the brightness of its red dot is adjustable, though we found that the lowest setting was best so as not to overpower the view. Founded in 1972, the company has had lots of time to perfect their optical instruments. Amanda. How Are Dwarf Planets Different From Normal Planets? However, unlike the Mini 82 which uses a very difficult to collimate spherical mirrors for its optics, the Mini 130 uses parabolic mirrors to form its optics, just like the Mini 114. The telescope is attached to the mount with a Vixen-style bar Tabletop telescopes are naturally portable and easy to set up anywhere there is a flat surface to stand them on that leaves the eyepiece accessible. The deluxe offers an improved finder, a better included eyepiece and a tension adjustable roller bearing for the AZ axis. 9 Biggest Impact Craters In Our Solar System (#1 Will Blow You Away! Jupiter also required the 9mm eyepiece and through it we could easily see the two main belts and the four Galilean moons. Turning to what few nebulae there were to see in the spring sky, we enjoyed a good view of M57, the Ring Nebula in Lyra, with a nice dark hollow at its centre, and nearby M27, the Dumbbell Nebula, showed hints of structure through the 9mm eyepiece. Great telescope, bought it for my hubby and he’s absolutely pleased with it! Please try again later. The end is threaded to accept T-ring adaptors, although most DSLRs would be too heavy for this setup. You could easily take it to a dark site away from home, or simply rush it out into your garden to catch elusive gaps in the cloud that might be too brief for more advanced setups. You have a choice between an 8”, 10” or 12”, and you can get the deluxe or regular flavor. There was a little play when racking in and out, but generally it did the job intended. The single-arm mount delivers free movement along both the azimuth and altitude axes and is easy to operate. But, if you’re mostly after portability and can deal with a few of the systems minor shortcomings, the Mini 130 is a very solid telescope to go out and buy. The Mini 130 has an aperture of 130mm, a focal length of 650mm which results in a somewhat wide f/5  focal ratio. In this review I’ll cover the pros, cons and the Mini 130’s features to ultimately help you decide on whether the system is a system is worth investing in or one that you should skip out on. If you don’t already know, telescopes are generally formed using one of 3 different optic types, which include a reflector, a refractor and compound optics. As for the mount, it’s Vixen-style dovetail, once again, like the Lightbridge Mini 114 meaning it’s easy to place the tube on other mounts that aren’t a tabletop with the sliding dove tail design, allowing for it to be a lot easier to balance heavier eyepieces. Photo 1:assembled 16 inch Meade Lightbridge . The telescope tube attaches via a Vixen-style clamp and can be removed if needed. Overall this is a simple to use tabletop Dobsonian that has the potential to fire the imagination of young and old, and give good views of a wide range of targets. But what’s more important is how it works. Small instruments are often considered inferior to more complicated ones, but in our experience the value of a telescope entirely depends on the user. Photo 1:assembled 16 inch Meade Lightbridge The wooden, single-arm altaz mount gave free movement in azimuth. The brightness of the red dot can be adjusted, though for most uses we found the dimmest setting the best so it didn’t overpower the view. Appealing to a wide range of people, from the young to not so young, it is also a great way to introduce the Universe to anyone even vaguely interested in astronomy and space. Our rating . The accessories Included in the box are two eyepieces at 26mm (25x) and 9mm (72x), a red dot finderscope, instructions and Meade’s Autostar planetarium software. Review of the Meade Lightbridge 16 inch Deluxe Dobsonian (by Jan van Gastel) Dutch version (Nederlandse versie) This is a test report of a Meade 16 inch Lightbridge. These Meade Telescopes Reviews are an effective way to obtain an impartial opinion on Meade Telescopes.Customer feedback is a powerful way to look at many Telescopes from Meade fast and simple. Get observing in minutes with the Meade LightBridge Mini 130 tabletop scope. ), Meade ETX125 Observer Review(A GoTo System Worth Buying!? Meade LightBridge Mini 130 Dobsonian review, The wooden, single-arm altaz mount gave free movement in azimuth. Welcome to my Meade Lightbridge Mini 130 Review!
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