Razor Sharp Edgemaking System 8 Inch Deluxe Blade Sharpening Kit | For 6 Inch Bench Grinder | Mad… LLAP. I don't know about a "wire edge that forms in use"; I have never experienced or heard of that happening. "A life is like a garden. It only takes a minute or two to sharpen up a plane iron using those abrasives. David makes a valid point, but I think one of the advantages of using MDF is that it's much harder than the usual stropping materials  (traditionally leather) and may be less prone to rounding over. He does his final hone with a 16,000 grit Shapton stone. I use a honing guide (for tools it works with) on diamond stones, and finish with a handful of pulls on the strop (obviously without the honing guide). 1 slotted polishing wheel 8 inches diameter by 3/4 inch wide by 5/8 inch hole in center. Paul Sellers strops after honing on medium, fine, and super-fine diamond stones. I had already established an “edge”  with a stone, then polished the edge with the MDF wheel. WARNING! It's fine for straight razors, but I'd beware of using it for plane irons and chisels. Thanks for bringing it up. Really  it isn’t a sharpening wheel so much as a “stroping wheel”. I'd never use it for kitchen knives, scissors, garden tools, or axes. Turn the motor off. Stropping is to mirror-polish the edge and also remove the burr (wire edge) caused by (grinding and) honing. Would you use it on a plane iron or bevel-edged chisel? After thinking too hard about it and trying different ways, I finally ponied up for the Lie-Nielsen honing guide, and now I don't have to fuss at all to get chisels, plane irons, or spokeshave irons touched up in 10 minutes or less, so that I can work on what I want to work on. Covered it with “white diamond” polishing compound and tried it on a couple of old kitchen knives. It is very easy to round over the edge and dull it. Stropping edge tools beyond a final polish is fraught with difficulties. Gather, share, learn and enjoy with other woodworkers. Mounted it on a polishing wheel motor and trued it up with a file the sandpaper. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." It works. Yes, I have done this when I used to do carving, and yes, it is a good way to make a power-strop, and works great. Now work some white polishing compound around the wheel. MDF Knife Sharpening Wheel Razor sharp in seconds - YouTube It works very well and with practice you can have scary sharp knives because of this simple wheel. It seems to me that if a wire-edge is forming in use, your tool-edge has gone soft or your workpiece is too hard or something else is wrong that will not be solved by sharpening. I had already established an “edge” with a stone, then polished the edge with the MDF wheel. uxcell 6 inches Stone Granite Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc 400 Grit 1/2 inches Arbor Hole Mar 22, 2017 - This is how I made a paper (mdf) sharpening wheel. His freehand method, however, creates a convex surface on the bevel and is not for the faint of heart. Rob Cosman never strops. 2 adapters if needed to adapt to 1/2 inch hole in center. Covered it with “white diamond” polishing compound and tried it on a couple of old kitchen knives. Made me wonder, and I didn’t have anything to do (inside), so I used a jig on my bandsaw to cut a 6” circle. I'm probably wrong, but always thought the whole point of stropping was to touch up an edge between sharpenings - removing any wire edge that forms in use. I can't see the advantage of using it instead of oil stones, water stones or diamond stones. I think most of us think way too hard about sharpening... do you want to sharpen, or do you want to work wood? At those speeds it seems unlikely you could maintain the bevel at the very edge of the tool. It is very important to note that the wheel must always move OFF OF THE BLADE. Do not risk catching the blade in the wheel. I was looking a a web site for a guy that does CNC custom work, and he had a pic of his mill cutting out a “wheel” of MDF and a caption that he was making wheel from MDF for sharpening. Really it isn’t a sharpening wheel so much as a “stroping wheel”. The end result was a damn fine cutting knife (two really). This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. Each sharpening wheel set contains: 1 grittted sharpening wheel 180 grit silicon carbide 8 inches diameter by 3/4 inch wide by 5/8 inch hole in center. The professional system uses a special lubricant to reduce heat. This is a classic case of "Your Mileage May Vary.". You can apply some more compound as you use it.
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