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mcnab dog 101
See more ideas about Dogs, Mcnab dog, Border collie. Our Mission Statement is simple: The McNab Shepherd Registry is devoted to the continued betterment, advancement and welfare of the McNab Shepherd. Rockin’ KR McNabs become beloved family members, whether they’re sporting, herding, or being loyal companions. Please take the time to look through our site and learn how this wonderful breed came into existence. Aug 5, 2017 - Explore Paula Zaiss's board "McNab" on Pinterest. マクナブ・ドッグ(英:McNab Dog)は、アメリカ合衆国のカルフォルニア州原産の牧羊犬種である。 犬種名は作出者の名前にちなんで名づけられている。犬種名のマクナブは必ずキャメルケースで書かれるが、稀にNは小文字で表記されている場合もある。 Origin Mendocino County, California, U.S. Life Expectancy About 15 years. Testimonials from McNab Shepherd dog owners who are Rockin' KR Satisfied. Weight 40 – 70 lb (16 – 34 kg). The McNab Border Collie is one of the lesser known breeds of herding dog that originates from California in the United States. The McNab is an athletic, small or medium-sized dog with a short, black coat that usually has white markings on the muzzle, chest, feet and tip of the tail. The McNab Shepherd’s reputation as an indefatigable “all-weather” dog is also opening up a new avenue of work for the dog: Search and Rescue. The McNab Shephard Originated in Mendocino County, California The McNab shepherd, also called a McNab Sheepdog, McNab Border Collie, The McNab dog, and the McNab Herding Dog, is a developing breed of dog. Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of McNab Dog: Information and Facts of McNab Dog: The dog is called McNab Other names are McNab sheep dog, MacNab herding dog, He originated from the United States of America He is a Currently McNabs are working as evidence search dogs, cadaver dogs, archaeology McNab Dog Breed Information Height 15 – 25 in (38 – 64 cm) at the withers.
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