The temperature here also goes from 150 degrees to only 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It depends. This isn’t an issue as much with offset smokers, which generally have larger hoppers but can be more of a problem with traditional pellet grills. Double Walled Insulation 2,059 Cooking Area 60lb Hopper Capacity Heavy Duty Caster... 4 standard racks, 3 jerky smoking racks, and one hanging rack with 12 sausage hooks. The Pit Boss Grills Smoker has everything you need in a pellet … The unit comes with a 15,000 BTU cast iron burner and a built-in front-facing thermometer for more precise slow cooking. These types of smokers cannot grill due to the heat source being further away. One of the most significant challenges, when you are smoking meats, is temperature control (1). This is one of their most popular charcoal smokers. Perfectly cook chicken, ribs, poultry and veggies. The hopper is the area where you put your pellets. It also helps to catch any drippings from the meat to prevent flare-ups. It’s important to note that wood pellets can be used with charcoal smokers. One of the downsides with pellet cookers is they can dry out the meat more quickly. However, the Camp Chef smoker doesn’t make as good use of its size, in our opinion. Every time you open the door, you are adding enormous amounts of oxygen into the cooking chamber, which can cause temperature spikes before the temp settles back. This also comes with two standard smoking racks, two jerky racks, and two combo smoker/rib racks to make cooking a variety of meats easier. The Masterbuilt MWS 330S is a heavy-duty pellet smoker for serious meat lovers looking to do large amounts of grilling. The main draw for many people is the electric components, which make it a more straightforward process to set the temperature. The Smoke Hollow is a propane-fueled vertical pellet grill with some great features. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Vertical Electric Smoker. If you want more flexibility though, this smoker allows you to control the cooking temperature along with smoking and cooking time. One of the main selling points was that the pellet loader can easily be pulled out and reloaded without the need to open the smoke zone door. Masterbuilt® smokers deliver for those ready to master the art of smoking. You get the ease of use of an electric smoker with the flavor of a traditional smoker. An offset smoker is one where the smokebox is to the side of the cooking chamber with smoke entering from the side. However, if you like a more authentic flavor and experience, you can stay with using chunks. Have a look at this smoker by Louisiana Grills then! The most notable thing about this smoker is the variety of cooking racks included – you get standard racks, jerky smoking racks, and one hanging rack with a dozen sausage hooks. The unit is powered by two independently controlled 11,000 BTU heating units. Some of the differences between cooking grate materials include: If you’re new to smoking meats, these smokers can be a great place to start. For the backyard griller or on-the-go meat master. Weber is one of the biggest names in the grilling industry. Do I need to put water in my vertical pellet smoker? When you click them and purchase the featured products, we may receive a commission. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. The pellets can improve the flavor of the meat and cook more consistently. There are various types of heating elements that you can select from (2). Aside from that, it’s pretty cheap and thus pocket-friendly. Want to smoke a lot of food at a time? Learn how to use wood chips in an electric smoker, Olympia Provisions offers some good sausages. The unit is made from high caliber materials and designed to be airtight to prevent smoke leakage and provide a more consistent temperature range. You can easily control the entire cooking process by quickly setting the cooking temperature range for a more consistent experience. Yes, you can get a smoke ring with a vertical pellet smoker. Timothy Woods is an advocate of the carnivore diet, athlete, and a pure health-enthusiast. Perhaps you’ve heard great things…, Barbecue smoker tubes offer an easy way to upgrade the performance of your pellet smoker, or even transform your charcoal…, Pellet smokers offer incredible cooking versatility unlike any other type of barbecue. This is another vertical pellet cooker that has a front panel window, which makes monitoring easy and removes the need to open the door and lower the temperature continually. Nearly a third of its height is legs, which arguably is a waste of space. If you want to grill different meats, then a horizontal smoker may be a better choice. With a full line of propane, electric and charcoal smokers, you can expect a worthwhile BBQ experience with a Masterbuilt smoker. Masterbuilt Vertical Pellet Smokers. This is in contrast to the Pit Boss and similar smokers that have an internal box that needs to be loaded. The cooking area is quite large, roughly 764 square inches (4,929 Sq Cm). This is much more than with the MWS 330S. Of course, when dealing with such a huge pellet smoker, you can forget about storage efficiency. Can you get a smoke ring with a pellet smoker? There are a total of six smoking racks for plenty of cooking options. However, consumer comments sharing their wood pellet smoking experiences with Masterbuilt electric smokers are positive and advise other consumers to try this method of smoking out for themselves. What’s the Best Carnivore Diet Supplement? It has a sizable door-sized viewing window, which we like as you can monitor the cooking without regularly opening up the unit. The Pit Boss Grills Smoker has everything you need in a pellet grill, including digital controls and readouts and stable temperature control. If you're using a vertical pellet smoker, place at least 2 liters of water, wine, apple juice, or beer in the pan. These units are available in a couple of different sizes from the smallest unit (330B) offering 724 square inches of cooking space and the larger (340B) offer 977 square inches of cooking space. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Think that the Pit Boss Grills smoker won’t be capacious enough for your smoking needs? More specifically, Masterbuilt claims that this smoker fits up to 16 chickens, 6 turkeys, 8 racks of ribs, or 8 pork butts. Traditional smokers make it difficult to control temperatures. This is one of the more technologically advanced smokers on the list.
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