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mangosteen season in kerala
Moreover, hill stations like Munnar and Vagamon look fresher and more beautiful during this season. Now look at mangosteen. They know mangosteen cultivation is slowly catching up in Kerala and Karnataka. It is the peak season; and the best time to visit Kerala. It is also close to hill stations like Munnar. But when they go to buy the fruit in high-end shopping malls they find the price too steep. You can also enjoy a boat-ride in the backwaters of Alleppey during the summer season. At 1,000 tonnes, Kerala is India’s leading mangosteen producer followed by Tamil Nadu where an estimated 200 tonnes of mangosteen is grown in Pollachi, Upper Palani hills and Coonoor. Once ripened, the rind turns soft. This year, Rs 80 lakh was paid in advance to all mangosteen farmers. It wasn’t as if the fruit turned rotten because there were no buyers.”. Also, you can expect occasional showers any time during the year. Although the temperature in Kerala doesn’t vary much during seasons, it is cooler during the winter months. Kozhikode airport and Kannur airport are the two other airports in Kerala providing convenient connectivity to other places. The summer season and south-west monsoon season are off season for Kerala tourism. “Our foundation was coconut. This way you need not worry about getting down at one place and again searching for another transportation option to reach your next sightseeing place. Mangosteen has a shelf life of a fortnight under ambient conditions but there are issues. Then Marlin’s shed buzzes with a different set of activities. The result was that demand rose steeply. Many parts of Pathnamthitta and Ernakulam districts grow it too. Marlin and Sibi visit mangosteen farmers. The buyer in Chennai, who pays a wholesale price for the fruit, supplies the 10-kg boxes. If demand turns sluggish in Chennai, they will ask us not to send maybe for a day. “I am very satisfied with mangosteen,” says K.C. “Karnataka will overtake Kerala in a few years,” predicts Jacob Chalissery, a farmer. The fruit grows on the tree singly and not in bunches. About three or four Moothedan households own 50 old trees. Feel free to fill the Contact Us form and we will get back to you at the earliest. Karnataka comes third. Summer begins in March and ends in May, and winter begins around November and remains until February. However, the best Kerala season for tourism is during the winter season, from December to February. This initial success prompted him to plant mangosteen in a big way. In several Himalayan villages, owners of apple orchards are angry about the Union government’s decision ... At 68, Chhogalal Soni has the gruff ways of someone accustomed to taking on challenges. So he settled for injured or broken fruit for seed selection. All these fruits used to be sold sooner or later. The buyer in Chennai pays for harvesting and transport. Moothedan families were sentimental about the fruit since their renowned forefather had introduced it. We need to sell the fruit at a farm gate price of Rs 50. In many cities, rental bikes too, are available to explore the region and dive into the spectacular views. But the climate differs from place to place. Trains are the most convenient and comfortable way to reach Kerala. Neighbours first noted the tree’s progress in adjacent fields and then decided to plant their own mangosteen trees. He also has a few fecund rambutan trees which fetch him an income. In the hills, however, it is cool and pleasant. My father, Kurien, built this house and developed assets only with income from coconut,” recalls Marlin. “If we sell directly to the consumer, mangosteen will become a very sustainable crop. It is now 90 years old and still yields around 600 kg of fruit. Pariyaram earns more than Rs 1 crore annually from this fruit. It is also the most favourable season to indulge in various activities and sightseeing. While the weather remains humid during this time of the year, cool breeze from south-west and refreshing showers replace the scorching Sun. It is fragile and prone to fungal disease. They assess the crop and quote a price. Kerala enjoys three major seasons – summer, monsoon and winter. It is the retreating monsoon season, and it is known as the north east monsoon or Thulavarsham. The reason is the rich alluvial soil here. But a big drawback is that there is absolutely no local demand. Then we won’t face any market crisis,” says Chalissery. So, you can relax at beaches, enjoy a serene trip to the backwaters and get unhindered views of the lush green hills during this time. Besides, farmers in Pariyaram take care of their mangosteen trees and pamper them with irrigation and fertilisers,” explains Daniel. Then, many youngsters from Hyderabad are studying in Ooty. Mangosteen trees are more hardy. M.K. “No other crop fetches us the kind of income that mangosteen does. All of them yield fruit. Pariyaram village has witnessed many ups and downs in the past 50 years. Humidity levels are low and so are the chances of rainfall. Motorboats and ferries also connect many places through the water channels. He has grown mangosteen trees between nutmeg. Unlike mango or pineapple, just a few quintals would be bought. You can also visit hill stations to enjoy the panoramic misty views of nature. He buys a small percentage of mangosteen from neighbouring areas as well. He estimates that his annual yield of mangosteen is about four tonnes. Regular buses, from standard seaters to luxury sleeper coaches, are also available from nearby towns to Kochi, Trivandrum, Munnar and other major tourist destinations of Kerala. Mangosteen grows in four areas of India, as all of them are tropical, have high humidity and decent rainfall: Nilgiri hills, the southern districts of Tinnevelly and Kanya-Kumani in Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Nowhere is the fruit tastier. Marlin pioneered mangosteen cultivation in Pariyaram. There is no reason to except one — mangosteen, a fruit of Indonesian origin, is grown so successfully in Pariyaram that it is called ‘mangosteen village’. You can also opt for our Kerala Tour packages that help you plan your Kerala tour in the best way possible. Kerala is a beautiful tropical state in the southern part of India. Yet, strangely, there is no local demand. By 4 pm, the packing is completed. First, there is lack of awareness. It isn’t as if mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is grown only in Pariyaram. In two or three weeks the figure reached one tonne,” he says. And Northeast monsoon, also known as the retreating monsoon, comes around October-November. This tree, whose progeny brought prosperity to the village, now stands on Kevin Nicholas’ land. We at Kerala Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA offer various packages that you can choose from depending on your budget, duration and interests. You can enjoy the misty backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom or go for tea estate safari in Munnar during the winters. Express trains are available to the main railway stations like Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Kozhikode, Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram among others. The season begins with two or three quintals of the fruit being collected. Everything is fine right now and returns are good but there is an element of risk. It was the second year’s fruit that he took to Ernakulam to sell. Perhaps because Pariyaram is a water-rich area, all the households we visited had opted for flood irrigation that requires a huge amount of water. It connects you to the backwaters in Alleppey and Kumarakom, and the hilly areas too. While the high mountainous regions remain cool throughout the year, the plains and coastal areas experience hot and humid climates. And you can drive your car or hire a cab from all the major cities. In fact, the fruit reaches the end consumer the very next day after being harvested. The price is lower during this time. Winter is the peak season for Kerala tourism. The season begins with two or three quintals of the fruit being collected. For two months, from April 25 every year, Marlin’s shed is a hive of activity. To send the fruit far, trays or boxes are required that would insulate it from damage and from the weather. Instead, he presented the fruit to friends and relatives. John’s garden clearly illustrates the farmer’s priorities. In the peak of summer, rising temperature and lower humidity tends to dehydrate the fruit. It has 400 jackfruit plants standing ... A small spiny vegetable from Assam is set to debut in Malnad district of Karnataka.
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