The Essential Sound feature will analyze the audio files and automatically create the keyframes needed to successfully reduce the volume of the music track and “duck” it behind the voiceover track. If you’ve ever edited an interview segment or a video with a voiceover, you know how difficult it can be to mix a voice track and music track without letting one overpower the other. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. In the Effects panel, click the disclosure triangle next to Audio Effects, then scroll down and choose the Multiband Compressor. New SpeedLooks in SpeedGrade, Mask Tracker in After Effects, Sync Settings in Adobe Media Encoder, improved multicam in Premiere Pro, expanded UltraHD/4k support, and more. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Figure 3. 2. Figure 2. In this tutorial, I’ll show you two ways to adjust the volume of a music track behind a voice track. Followed by selecting the ‘Music’ option within the Essential Sound panel window. First we’re going to talk about three different parameters to add to clean audio to make it sound far away. In my example, lowering the music volume between the keyframes to -18.5 is enough to easily hear the voiceover track. On the top layer of the music track, click and drag the area between the keyframes to lower the volume. Once you have all keyframes selected, let go of Shift, click and hold on one of the selected keyframes, then move the entire selection as needed. However, if there are only a few keyframes to make and adjust (our example only has 8 keyframes,) then using this method is fine. The further away something is the lower the volume gets. Start by selecting the voiceover track within the sequence. With no music adjustments made yet, as the sequence is played, the voiceover track (green audio below) is difficult to hear because the music is overpowering. 2020,, an Information Today, Inc. (ITI) company. This video tutorial demonstrates how to restore muffled sections of spoken audio using the Multiband Compressor in Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Adobe Audition. 4. So you can hear that there’s a big difference, but you don’t see any change in the waveform (Figure 3, below). You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. All of the footage and music I used in this tutorial can be found on Storyblocks. Continue by selecting the music track within your Premiere Pro sequence. In the Premiere Pro menu, navigate to ‘Window,’ then open the Essential Sound panel window. Up until the last few releases of Premiere Pro, the only way to make adjustments to your audio tracks was by tediously using the pen tool. Second to that, Will has a YouTube channel with his wife and business partner Alli that’s focused on filmmaking, traveling, and a behind the scenes of their lifestyles. Once you have your recording, take a listen to how it sounds raw. 2. How does the sound change when it’s really far away. Plus, you can always fall back to the manual method if you want more precise control. But when used in your projects to duck the music track automatically against a voiceover or interview audio, it can really speed up your editing. If you ever find yourself having to render multiple sequences from Premiere Pro, there's an easier way to do it than by using the Premiere Pro Export control. Next, switch back to the main ‘Selection’ tool. Editing audio tracks in a video project can be very time-consuming when there are several different files and layers involved. Two types of noises degrade the audio you shoot with your video: random noises like microphone clicks and pops, and consistent noises like white noise or air conditioning hum. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Figure 1. 1. Within the Essential Sound panel window, select the ‘Dialogue’ option. Note the muffled areas of the waveform around the 5-6 second mark.
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