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loss of biodiversity facts
The number of human population is rapidly increasing and more people needs more area meaning that animal and plant habitats are significantly reduced which pushes many animal and plant species to the brink of extinction. Loss of Biodiversity. The loss of biodiversity across the world is bad news not only for nature, plants and animals, it is a danger to human health as well, according to the latest Living Index Report from the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF).. And among those risks to human health are infectious diseases like Covid-19. Biodiversity, National Academies Press. Experts report that the rate at which species are becoming extinct is 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the natural rate would be. Take your research Species are becoming extinct at the fastest rate known in geological history, and most of these extinctions are tied to … India is just 2 percent of the world land mass but 8 percent of the world’s biodiversity is found in the country. IMA Slams Centre, Publishes List of 382 Doctors Who Died Due to COVID-19. UNEP, 1995, Annex 6, Glossary. 1 million endangered species: We are transforming Earth so dramatically that one million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction, posing a threat to biodiversity and ecosystems that people all over the world depend on for their survival. Altogether, the food, commercial forestry and ecotourism industries could lose US$ 338 billion per year if the loss of biodiversity continues at its current pace. The loss of biodiversity is increasing. Biodiversity loss is currently one of the biggest ecological problems in the world. This has been especially important to people in some rural areas and developing countries. Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Human Well-Being 2. Biodiversity loss is becoming a bigger problem than we ever thought it could be. Biodiversity 9.Causes of loss of biodiversity 7. 2,12 ; online edition ↑ Global Biodiversity Assessment. This series contains national and official statistics on biodiversity and wildlife. The ocean is home to millions of species. Biodiversity loss can have significant direct human health impacts if ecosystem services are no longer adequate to meet social needs. The ocean has a much higher phylogenetic diversity: 30% of phyla are exclusively marine, whereas only one phylum is exclusively terrestrial. India’s Biodiversity at a glance. Fast facts By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. Biodiversity is the variety of living things and the natural environments that support them. Indirectly, changes in ecosystem services affect livelihoods, income, local migration and, on occasion, may even cause or exacerbate political conflict. biodiversity loss. The report was entitled “Living Planet Report 2018”. EU biodiversity strategy to 2020 Brochure (pdf 3,6Mb) 52 tips for biodiversity Brochure (pdf 7,5Mb) EU Biodiversity Action Plan - 2010 Assessment Brochure Text translations (pdf 2,6Mb) The European Union's Action Plan Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 – and beyond Introductory guide (pdf 2 MB) FACT … P opulations of freshwater species have declined by 81% between 1970 and 2012. Biodiversity decline and loss of ecosystem services is a major global threat to the future of our planet and our generations. The loss of biodiversity also causes a decline in the livelihood of many locals. Fast isn’t always good. The facts about biodiversity loss: 6 key insights from the 2019 UN IPBES report. Biodiversity loss is mostly connected with habitat loss. The introduction of new species is also a threat to Australia's biodiversity. (2008) — Threats to Biological Diversity: Global, Continental, Local) This can be due to reduced crop yields or other effects. Climate Change's Impact on Environment. Facts and figures on marine biodiversity The ocean constitutes over 90% of the habitable space on the planet. Illegal wildlife trade is the largest threat to biodiversity … Since 1955, alteration of biodiversity related to human activities was greater than any time in human history, driven by habitat loss from agriculture and infrastructure, over-exploitation, pollution, invasive species, and climae change. Biodiversity, the variety of life found in a place on Earth or, often, the total variety of life on Earth. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to help ease the pressure on this loss of biodiversity. The loss of biodiversity could have many negative impacts on the future of ecosystems and humanity worldwide. 10 Fast Facts About Biodiversity Updated On Apr 24, 2015 Published On May 22, 2012 Written By alive Editorial alive.com. Facts on Loss of Biodiversity: 12,259 species are known by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) to be threatened with extinction. Biodiversity encompasses the genetic variety within each species and the variety of … Species richness provides a “safety net,” so that if one food source or other resource becomes unavailable, another can be used in its place.
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