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looking glass knight weakness
His summon sign is located just before the fog gate and to the left. Most of his attacks come out of the front of him. This can be easily combated if you stand about 10 feet in front of the shield. Charges his sword and attempts to hit his target - several, maybe 8 lightning balls will fly out from this location - so be sure to avoid that general direction. The Gargoyles are extremely weak to Lightning damage, and Gold Pine Resin, Sunlight Blade, or lightning-based weapons will carve through them in very short order. It wields a mirror shield which it can use to summon NPCs and players to fight against the player during the boss fight, as well as deflect spells that come in contact with the mirror. The knight takes additional damage from Magic and Lightning, but Dark is his weakness. Drops. Will change direction or shorten the length of jump in midair to accommodate for target's movement (i.e. Soul Bolt - Drangleic Castle, after defeating the Looking Glass Knight, turn left at the area with the elevator to see a chest containing this spell. (Scholar of the First Sin) Sellsword Luet as shadow in the room past the giant mechanism Resistance If he summons an NPC, it will not be that aggressive, and you can play the fight like the Belfry Gargoyles, or Ruin Sentinels, and just wait out the group aggression, to get in some hits. You get spawned shortly after the end of the summoning sound the boss makes, at that time you can finally see around you, but your invincibility also ended, so start by running and/or rolling to give you some time to analyze the situation. Formerly known as the Mirror Knight, this knight is clad in steel polished to a mirror finish. But hey, this guy brings back good memories. This guy wasn't too bad, but then again I used a +4 craftsmen hammer. Strike weapons can be very effective against this boss. The thunder quartz ring was helpful. Fortunately, he has slow combos with large amounts of time between, giving you some breathing room and space to heal. NPC phantoms carry a surprising amount of health and can cause a nuisance to distract you from the boss; human players, on the other hand, can be potentially competent PVP players capable of killing you far more easily than the boss itself. my first runthrough since picking the game back up i had mad trouble with this boss, especially since i was in the Coc, but i just beat him 2nd try with just my dagger +10 :D. We all know we come here for the Respawn = Yes. Crouches, then jumps forward at his target to perform an overhead downwards slash. It could be suggested that the stone guardians and the golden knight are the ones who touch the summon signs for the Looking Glass Knight. The phantom will come jumping out and will need to stand up, in this time you can take down 25-50% of its health, giving you a big advantage in the overall fight. His opening move is a large jump/lunge at you with his huge sword. rolling towards him, rolling to the side). Uses the tower shield strong attack, except it's a lot slower than a player's animation. After using all four resins on him it turns out lightning is the one that does the most damage. It is also possible to get summoned by the Looking Glass Knight by using a cracked red eye orb. Eventually, they'll miss a dodge and the boss will do massive damage to them, OR you could even live long enough to see another friend summoned by the boss! If you keep getting a real player summon instead of an NPC summon, it makes sense to play the fight in a much more slow-paced and patient way. Slams shield on to the ground facing forward, in an attempt to summon an NPC or invader to help the Looking Glass Knight. Once the phantom becomes active, he should be your primary target until dead, but make sure not to lose sight of the Knight, as he might try slinging s spell, or lunging towards you. When he is focusing on your summoned partner lock on from just far away and unload on him. (Just wanted to say now I feel silly for being a bit shaken after a Great Resonant Soul bounced back very close to my head). Formerly known as the Mirror Knight, this knight is clad in steel polished to a mirror finish. Use a 100% Damage reduction shield as well as the Clerics Shield for his lightning attacks and you'll never get hurt. Attacking a nd rolling/dodging still works, but you'll stay in place. The knight takes additional damage from Magic and Lightning, but Dark is his weakness. Tested thoroughly, you don't need to be near a mirror or in any specific area. When he summons the phantom, there is a good chance it will be a melee phantom, so you have to be very cautious as the phantom will constantly be on you even if the main boss is standing further away. Miracles will work best here, as the Knight is weak to lightning, however basic magic will also get the job done. Anyone knows the resistances and weaknesses of the Looking Glass Knight? He can easily insta-kill you if you are at medium health. Note: It is possible to stagger him when he's trying to summon another NPC (Summoning players cannot be interrupted), I tried this using my great club +6 and constantly hitting him while he's trying to summon. I still remember how hyped I was for this boss, back before the game was released. It wields a mirror shield which it can use to summon NPCs and players to fight against the player during the boss fight, as well as deflect spells that come in contact with the mirror. After being staggered, he won't try to summon anymore. (Scholar of the First Sin) Ashen Knight Boyd, on the right one pillar back from the boss fog. You are more likely to be summoned if you replace your sign every ten seconds or so, rather than leaving it alone on the ground. Going into this fight, players should have a 100% block shield, and be prepared to evade like crazy, so ideally you will be in very light gear. He is weak to flanking, so sprinting to his back is very potent, but don't get greedy, and don't spam, because he attacks often. Rarely, they will use an attack similar to Blinding Bolt and is telegraphed by one of them holding their bident up and starting to glow, like the Looking Glass Knight. If 2-3 of them are trying to kill you, try to gain time and to use the boss to deflect projectiles (he does have a nice shield, don't forget ! Weakness? If your level is too high, are your chances of being summoned as a phantom lowered? It has to retrace some of the same steps, work within the same aesthetic, but it makes that weakness into its theme. Sadly reflected projectiles are purely visual and can't hit on their way back, even if the projectile goes right through its original caster. I mean alot of the bosses felt more like minibosses compared to fights like this. As a summoned Mirror Squire, you may restore portions of the Looking Glass Knight's health with any healing spell, such as Warmth or Great Heal. The Shrine of Amana is a location in Dark Souls II. Formerly known as the Mirror Knight, this knight is clad in steel polished to a mirror finish. It's not super hard but it's tense as hell when he summons the phantoms, and his moveset overall was fun to dodge. He seems resistant to toxic, taking three toxic mists to be poisoned. Can be stopped by breaking his poise and staggering him. Dark Souls II: The Lost Crowns DLC Trilogy brings three harrowing new chapters of dangerous Dark Souls II gameplay, taking players through entirely original areas to face a slew of unknown enemies, overcome diabolic challenges, and defeat fearsome bosses.
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