I’m going to make myself a cup now! Traditional Chinese medicine has used longan to strengthen the liver, spleen and kidneys. Longans are high in vitamin C, which means they’re great for boosting the immune system. PRIVACY. Then, pour hot water over the ingredients. Place longan in the bottom of your teacup. Then heat your water to the appropriate temperature for your tea. Updated on: 20/3/18 In my mother’s family, this tea is always served on the first day of the Chinese New Year to our guests and also to ourselves. The stores typically sell longans – sometimes fresh but usually dried. We’ll look at a recipe for longan tea later, but for now, buy the dried longans. Westerners consume flavors of tea from apple and orange to peach and pomegranate. You can either strain your tea or you may choose to drink it with the longan fruit still inside. So, it follows that longan tea has great health benefits as well. Longan tea is also called dragon’s eye tea, and it’s a flavor that’s popular in regions of Asia like China and Vietnam. That said, if you’re getting your dried fruit for your longan tea anywhere else, it’s likely to be sprayed with insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals. Sideritis: A delicious tea, and one of the healthiest in the world. You’re very well acquainted with fruit teas. It’s an anti-inflammatory, which may be beneficial to people with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions. Health Benefits Fresh longan fruit is high in vitamin C, as most fruits are — which is one reason why fruit is so vital in a healthy diet. For the best health, choose longan that’s from a place where the fruit is grown naturally. The seed in the longan fruit is edible, but you may choose to discard it. Place longan in the bottom of your teacup. HOME | ABOUT | CONTACT | One of my favorite places to have dragon eye tea was at Lucy’s Tea House, a small unassuming eatery in Mountain View, CA. It is also an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. In other words, a halved longan fruit looks similar to what you might imagine a dragon’s eye might look like. 1. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, longan works with the heart, kidney, liver and spleen meridians. Longan and red dates tea contains high vitamin C contents Allow your tea to steep for just a few minutes, enough to rehydrate your longan. Combined with the superpower of red dates in nourishing the blood, this drink is brewed to revitalize overall body and health wellness. At this point, you have a few options. Longan get the name dragon eyes from their appearance when fresh – white and translucent flesh with a dark seed give it the appearance of an eyeball with pupil/iris. Place it on your tongue and savor the tarty sweetness of summer. That circulatory health is also good for your cardiovascular system, strengthening your heart and your blood vessels. But when you want longan tea, you’ll need the dried fruit. Chinese Traditional medicine says that eating the longan fruit will give you the maximum health results. But as the fruit has gained in popularity, it’s cultivated just about everywhere. Have you ever tried longan tea? Similar... 2. Longan tea is said to have other benefits as well. Longan tea is said to have other benefits as well. Some people even add egg to their longan tea! But there are a couple drawbacks, too. 2. Reviews on Afternoon Tea, Blends, Brands, and Tearooms in the UK, The Benefits of Longan Tea: How to Drink it and More. All Rights Reserved. After the tea is gone, scoop out a dragon eye. The first place you should look for longan tea is your local Asian shop. Strain the hot tea into your cup over the longan… AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE | Right now you can get 15% off ALL products in their store using the code: TEAREVIEWS15. If you can’t find an Asian food store, just check Amazon. Dragon Eye Tea Recipe. Let steep 2-3 minutes. Making longan tea is really just as simple as boiling some water. Place four to 5 dried longan in the bottom of your cup, as well as your black or green tea bag. Dried longan (Arillus euphoriae longanae) have a dark red wrinkled skin and pulp wrapped around a small black seed. Look for that in the store, or if you’re searching on Amazon, read the package ingredients. That’s up to you – just sweeten to taste. No reproduction permitted without express written permission. But what about longan? Vitamin C has been proven to be able in maintaining damaged membrane and that’s why consuming longan could assist in maintaining the oral health. Longan, or dragon eyes, is a fruit produced in Fujian province of China. First of all, the fruit is very high in sugar. When the cold winds blew down Castro Street, it was nice to slip inside Lucy’s and have Martha bring me a warming cup of dragon eye tea. Alas, Lucy’s is no more and I have to make my own dragon eye tea and new memories. It is given as a tonic to strengthen and replenish these organs. Buy in bulk to save even more. That may help with respiration, insomnia and anxiety. Longan fruit is tasty when it’s fresh. Cambodia, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka are a few of these – the dragon’s eye fruit was first found there. To make longan tea, first choose your favorite “plain” tea bag, either black or green tea. Its texture is similar to a grape’s, and the flavor is musky and earthy. If it has a seed, you can eat the seed, but spitting it discreetly into a napkin or your spoon also works. The first proven benefits longan red dates tea. 3. Longan and red dates tea contains high amount of antioxidants The fruit is usually found in areas surrounding China. (Feel free to also buy a few fresh ones to taste!). TeaAnswers.com (Well Read Gnome, LLC) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.it, amazon.fr, amazon.de, and amazon.co.uk. When you make your longan tea, we recommend you start with the basics them experiment with flavors. A few of these are: If you happen to be visiting the regions of Asia we listed earlier, there’s a good chance you’ll find longan tea in restaurants and specialty shops. Copyright © 2013-2020 Well Read Gnome, LLC. If it’s cold outside and you’re looking for a warm drink with a hint of summer, look no further than hot dragon eye tea (also called longan tea). Add the hot water. That means they help your circulation and blood health, and help to prevent anemia. There are longan farms in Hawaii (also home to Mamaki Tea), California and Florida. Traditional Chinese medicine has used longan to strengthen the liver, spleen and kidneys. Additionally, they can be purchased online at Amazon. Besides that since it is also rich of minerals, so longan could assist in … One of the reasons longan has become so popular in recent years is that it’s said to have some incredible health benefits. Longan is Beneficial for Oral Health. Vitamin C... 3.
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