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logical and lexical semantics
The difference between these two closely related ideas lies in the scope: lexical semantics deals with individual word meanings, while compositional semantics deals with how those lexical meanings combine to form more complex phrasal meanings. Compositional and lexical semantics Compositional semantics: the construction of meaning (generally expressed as logic) based on syntax. This lecture: Œ lexical semantic relations and WordNet Œ one technique for word sense disambiguation 1 Lexical Semantics is about the meaning of words. Logical Metonymy Regular Metonymy Metaphor Idioms TypesofFigurativeLanguage Hyperbole (mile-high ice cream cone.) Lexical semantics is the branch of linguistics which is concerned with the systematic study of word meanings. Semantics as a whole can be divided into two main fields – lexical semantics and compositional semantics. Although obviously a central concern of linguistics, the semantic behaviour of words has been unduly neglected in the current literature, which has tended to emphasize sentential semantics and its relation to formal systems of logic. Identity of Linguistic Expressions and Lexical Synonymy in the Fields of Logical Semantics, Linguistic Semantics, and 'Pragmatic Semantics'. ... Simone Teufel L114 Lexical Semantics 27. Phenomenology Simile (She is like a rose.) It is often referred to as the "glue" approach because of the role of logic in "gluing" meanings together. Barbora Geistová Čakovská - 2012 - In Piotr Stalmaszcyzk (ed. A new, deductive approach to the syntax-semantics interface integrates two mature and successful lines of research: logical deduction for semantic composition and the Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) approach to the analysis of linguistic structure. This lecture: Œ Semantics with FS grammars Lexical semantics: the meaning of individual words. ), Philosophical and Formal Approaches to Linguistic Analysis.Ontos Verlag. Phenomenology Automatic Approaches Logical Metonymy Regular Metonymy Metaphor MetaphorRecognition–Examples. Probably the two most fundamental questions addressed by lexical semanticists are: (a) how to describe the meanings of words, and (b) how to account … Lexical semantics is concerned with inherent aspects of word meaning and the semantic relations between words, as well as the ways in which word meaning is related to syntactic structure.
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