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living in gold coast pros and cons
Close to the main central hub of the Gold Coast, as well as Griffith University, the Southport Sharks Stadium, Southport Yacht Club, Runaway Bay Marina, The Spit and theme parks. Pros: Conveniently near several bus routes and the Gold Coast tram line. When I first moved to Queensland in 2009 I wrote about the Best and Worst Things About Living in Australia so it’s about time we discussed the pros and cons of living in Queensland too. Near to the beach and several harbors. Gold Coast Lifestyle Melbourne Perth Queensland Sydney sydney llfestyle. Pros and Cons Of Living With Roommates. No wonder more than 3.6 mil­lion Chinese rate it their favourite Western tourist destination. Home Gold Coast Pros and Cons Of Living With Roommates. Many choices for restaurants and shopping. From cozy villas near championship golf to luxurious homes on the ocean, you’ll find a wide variety of properties available on the private islands of Seabrook Island and Kiawah Island. While the Sunshine Coast generally makes for better mature living and relaxed travel, the Gold Coast's quantity of activities and attractions is hard to match by any other city in Australia. I live on the gold coast. Oregon’s cost of living is high, especially in larger city’s like Portland where rent can average right around $1,500 a month. Transport Gold Coast G:Link Gold Coast: 5/10 Right now there are over 575,000 people living on the Gold Coast and this number grows by the 1000's daily. There are over 50 suburbs on the Gold Coast, and new ones being created every year to house the people who keep flocking to the Gold Coast. That’s expensive. I have to disagree with ideaswoman on rent prices though. But, when compared to the state as a whole, only slightly more expensive than other city’s. Your opinion of IT options on the Gold Coast is pretty right, but if you are living on the north end its certainly possible to commute to Brisbane for work. Lots of great beaches. Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of living near the beach, it’s time to find your perfect island home. Pros and cons living on Gold Coast Sign in ... 49 posts; Posted April 21, 2014. Really good outdoor facilities - parks, bbqs, exercise equipment etc. September 19, 2017. Sandy beaches, theme parks, shopping malls, golf courses – the city has it all. Find out more about the main suburbs. The positive and negative effects may depend more on where you’re from than anything else. Someone living on a reservation may view things far differently than someone of Italian descent in New York City. Not much different from living in Northern NSW and commuting to Southport. We will try to address this when looking at the pros and cons of European exploration, but let’s first examine the origins. Learn More I’d love it if you can help out and pitch in some of your ideas by leaving a comment. The article is written by Loren Howarth. Compared to Canberra the Gold Coast is rent paradise. Pros - the weather is great, warm and sunny year round.
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