They are the blueprints on which all other cocktails are based. It's made with equal parts of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec, plus lime, cola and plenty of ice, Pimms and slushie: two words you may not have considered together but which combine to make the ultimate summer drink. It’s so good, you may find yourself opening your very own. These 21 summer drink recipes require no more than five ingredients—and all are guaranteed to help keep you chill. Some are seasonal, some are whimsical. That blast of citrus tang will serve as an added bonus to a tried-and-true. A drink with a name like “The Summer 2017” isn’t going to be some heavy, cold weather type of cocktail laden with. Let’s face it: As much as everyone loves the hot pool parties and blazing beach days of summer, some days feel more like a scorching Mad Max desert apocalypse. Try our proportions or adjust the ratio to taste, Bring the taste of summer holidays to your next party. There’s a reason the Mojito was created in the Caribbean: Mint, rum and lime are an intoxicatingly cooling combination that could only be inspired by white-sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters. This easy, fruity cocktail is perfect for barbecue season or a relaxed party with friends, Blend fresh fruit with champagne to make this fabulous mango bellini. It's the perfect summer cocktail for warm outdoor dinners or poolside enjoyment. Probably the most iconic summertime cocktail there is, a classic margarita is made with two ounces of silver tequila, one ounce of lime juice, and one ounce of an orange liqueur, such as Cointreau or Triple Sec. Make a pitcher for your fridge, and take advantage of the creamy, cooling Mexican staple whenever you can. So, why not enjoy a … Either way, you can’t go wrong. There aren’t many drinks out there more refreshing than lemonade—especially if said lemonade is spiked with bourbon and freshly muddled blackberries. Mix freshly squeezed orange juice with vodka and Angostura bitters for a classic screwdriver cocktail, Mix vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and fresh lime to make this perfect party cocktail, garnished with a lime wedge (and maybe a tiny umbrella too), A classic Cuban cocktail of rum, cola, lime and ice. This vibrant, fruity drink is perfect for summer party season, This easy passion fruit cocktail is bursting with zingy flavours and is perfect for celebrating with friends. Lemon sorbet is the magic ingredient. Lavender Sangria: Sip on this light, refreshing, and great-smelling cocktail that's perfect for summer! We've got lots of refreshing drinks mixes, from tequila sunrise and fruity punches to flavoured gins and spritzes. Make the cocktail a blended slushy, and you have one of the best beverages for tackling a sweltering summer. No need to fuss with your busted old air conditioner to cool down when you can just squeeze a lime into a shaker, and throw in some simple syrup, Sipping this ultra-cooling, effervescent cocktail on a hot summer day is like taking a dip in an ice bath. From a creamy horchata cocktail, to frozen Mojitos that will freeze your sandals off, here are nine of the most refreshing summer cocktails. With just a handful of ingredients you can create a refreshing drink that evokes summer, Mix a jug of this classic cocktail for a summer party. Make the cocktail a blended slushy, and you have one of the best beverages for tackling a sweltering summer. ... Sweet blueberries infuse spicy gin for summer's most refreshing cocktail sipper. and fresh limes leaves no room for anything heavy. Great for a summer gathering, served with tonic water and lots of ice. Mix elderflower cordial, gin, lychee juice and lemon bitters with chilled champagne to make this superb cocktail that tastes like summer all year round, Mixing this summer favourite with ice-cold mint & citrus tea makes a less sweet but every bit as refreshing cooler, Mix a sparkling gin fizz cocktail (or two) for when you're entertaining. Refreshment is the name of the game when it comes to summer cocktails.The season of tan lines (you can still get tan in your back yard!) This recipe mixes reposado tequila with horchata for a cocktail so delicious you’ll be daydreaming about it all week. Published on Summer solstice is the perfect day to celebrate until sunrise. Top with prosecco for a special tipple, Enjoy this crowd-pleasing tropical cocktail with coconut rum, gin and pineapple juice. Between the Classic cocktails you know and Signature drinks created by pros lie Standard Deviations: clever riffs on iconic recipes that'll expand your repertoire—without trying your patience. © 2020 Group Nine Media, all rights reserved. According to its creator, Texas bartender Molly Walker, the drink is a perfect, Made with tangy limonata soda, London Dry gin, fresh grapefruit juice and handfuls of aromatic basil, this simple punch comes together in no time. Hello Fresh special offer: Get 50% off your first recipe box, then 35% off the next three. Blend rosé wine with strawberries, lemon and sugar to make a batch of this very grown-up slushie, Add a touch of summer to a classic tipple with this delicious elderflower-infused gin.
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