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They have little interest in straying off and require a minimum of fencing. It is actually a ‘long-wool’ breed originating in England. The area was, and still is, exposed and isolated, so that a hardy breed of sheep was produced requiring the minimum of attention. The breed was recognized in it’s native area by the 1800s. If you watch public television perhaps you’ve seen Romney sheep, which frequent the All Things Great and Small series. The Romney (originally called Romney Marsh) is one of the oldest known sheep breeds, with its origins having been traced back more than 700 years to the 13th Century and possibly earlier. Its origin lies with the old, established dual purpose Romney Marsh breed which was improved with Leicesterblood in the nineteenth century. It is also called as Romney Marsh previously, and local farmers call the breed as Kent. Romney sheep are a hardy and adaptable English lowland breed, being a familiar site on their indigenous areas of the Romney Marsh and lowlands of the south east coast of Kent and Sussex, England. This makes the breed on to the oldest known sheep breeds that were possibly around in the 13th century where the 1346 plague (black death) had a major affect on the sheep farming industry in Romney. Romney (sheep), a breed of sheep bred for meat; Earl of Romney, an English title; Romney Formation, a stratum of sedimentary rock; See also. Breeds of Livestock - Romney Sheep. Romney. The breed developed traits that include black hooves resistant to footrot, resistance to internal parasites, excellent fertility and milking/mothering ability. Breeds of Livestock - Romney Sheep. The Romney is a mid-sized to large, well-muscled sheep. Massachusetts health care reform, a 2006 health-care reform bill in Massachusetts commonly known as Romneycare; New Romney, Kent, England New Romney (UK Parliament constituency), the Parliament seat for New Romney; New Romney railway station, a depot … The Romney sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from United Kingdom. The History of the Romney. Very hardy, this sheep breed is an easy keeper. Romney sheep originate from the English lowland from east coast of Kent and Sussex where it can be wet and boggy. The Romney traces its beginning to the marshy area of Kent in England. Romney sheep, as a dual purpose breed, exhibit the essential qualities found in all good meat-producing sheep. The Romney sheep breed which was once called Romney Marsh sheep has origins that can be traced back to more than 700 years ago. By Suzan Shearin, Tennessee – Originating in the Romney Marshes of England, they were called, appropriately, Romney Marsh sheep. The original Romney Marsh sheep were developed on low lying land in Kent and Sussex, adjoining the English Channel. They are sturdy animals, with a strong bone structure, large body capacity and a uniform fleece which is characteristic of the breed.
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