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kiss music from the elder review
The music is totally uncharacteristic of Kiss -- it resembles heavy prog rock for the most part. Mr. Blackwell is right as rain in that regard. I am not sure why on Odyssey. Every week, Album of the Week Club listens to and discusses the album in question, votes on how good it is, and publishes our findings, with the aim of giving people reliable reviews and the wider rock community the chance to contribute. Finally we get a Gene song called “Only You” which is a perfect sounding Gene song. Expecting a sudden shift in fans’ tastes was perhaps a bit too ambitious. Fortunately, The Oath comes to the rescue, with Paul on one of those horses from Odyssey, galloping fearlessly into battle, wooden sword in hand... or laser rifle... Where are we again? For me, only 4 songs are keepers. But even for that subculture, is this the soundtrack they needed? Yeah, sure. Ace's presence is missed on Music From The Elder, and the concept is a bit hokey and ham-fisted but so are many concept albums. “That was the one time I would say that Kiss succumbed to the critics,” he says. This album is completely different from KISS' older albums. So, bring it on I said, sitting down with a big JD. At the end of the song, we get the only speaking parts from the actors. But I love it being Ace and Eric having fun playing together. Only You starts with a riff and then the bass kicks in. I bought Unmasked myself, but missed most of that 3-4 year post Alive II window until I bought Lick It Up on cassette. it’s not bad but I can understand why Kiss fans were confused, this sounds more like a Blue Oyster Cult album track. The cover of Kiss’ epic folly Music From “The Elder” The story of The Elder, written by Simmons during a stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel, was allegedly a metaphor for good and evil.“The Elder are a life-form without body,” he explains. Carl Lewington: Love, love love this album!! Eric Walker: It’s a very un-Kiss-like album with the concept and all, but some good tunes. You might have been made for loving me, but the feeling is not mutual. It isn’t much musically, mostly bass and mostly lyrics. Louder is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. To add insult to injury, it was the first Kiss album that failed to go gold in the US. Shane Hall: A few of my high school friends were among that "small minority of diehard Kiss fanatics" who absolutely loved this album -- for reasons I did not fathom then and still don't. Regardless of it being Kiss. And that’s almost the entire album! Fanfare, Just a Boy... (WTF? The only thing was the album sleeve was actually a clear plastic sleeve with the Kiss information on it as seen in my copy below. Enter Eric Carr. Sounds fine, no problem. John Davidson: I’ll be upfront and say I’ve never understood the fascination with Kiss. It has choirs, symphony orchestras, falsettos and odd arrangements, paired with nonsense lyrics about boys, councils, the "Order of the Rose” and all sorts of ominous imagery. Mr Blackwell has an ominous low register opening but squanders its mood on a sleazy groove number that doesn’t hit the mark. The KISS RE-REVIEW SERIES Part 20: – Music From the Elder (1981 Casablanca, 1997 Mercury remaster, 2014 Universal vinyl) Kiss had gone as far as they could go in the pop direction that they travelled on Unmasked. This is song four, but was supposed to be song #6 so again, all plot is lost. I don’t even know where this fucking story takes place. But when Bob came on board around March, talk started to change to maybe doing a concept album and Gene was immediately on board, Paul was somewhat, Eric was not thrilled about the direction, but he was thrilled about finally recording his first Kiss album. It sounds like Kiss. It feels all Broadway and over-the-top and if that was what they were going for then they succeeded. By 1981, Kiss were in chaos. And third, a plus point, side two is actually not that bad, in places. Ach, shoot me down if you like. Scott Spalding: Album starts off with a conventional Paul Stanley rocker, The Oath. For a band that built its success on simplistic anthems, Kiss's Music From “The Elder” was a huge leap in terms of ambition. As it turns out, the swan song of this record is a pretty decent collaboration between Gene and Paul trading vocals, and the inevitable Broadway chorus will send the dancers in, all decked out in Kiss make up, and with mini-Space Aces flying on strings across the back drop of an… island?
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