Check out how Mads and Al from Unestablished transformed their Kallax into a West Elm inspired piece for a fraction of the cost. We all love a good hack that can help us tidy things up and enhance our workflow. 494. I love the fact that you have … Or maybe you need a breakfast bench in your eating nook? All you really need is a plank of wood and some wood stain to create a rustic or even, industrial type of vibe. A fantastic and easy way to add a pop of personality to a backless bookshelf is by creating a “faux” backing with a large piece of fabric. The document has been permanently moved. The Kallax is considered a laminate piece of furniture, so it will need some special treatment if you want to paint it. Another great option to “class up” your Kallax is to wrap its sides in some solid wood. It could be an amazing way to display a large collection of books or even records/magazines. Can’t get enough of those sweet IKEA hacks? We adore this rustic storage hack from Handy Harry on The Kallax is the perfect blank canvas for a clean, mid century inspired media console. Separate it or stack several pieces together, paint, stencil, change legs and handles and you’ll get a perfect fitting piece! For these instances, a couch can get way too comfortable, while a chair is just downright uncomfortable! The savings from this kind of solution would be astonishing. I’m sure we could all use an extra bed frame for our overnight guests. You can easily convert a KALLAX shelf into a bench to create a cute little seating area that also gives you a ton of extra hidden storage space in any area of your home. As an alternative, you could also cover some poster or particleboard with wallpaper and then attach that to the back of your Kallax. I know I’m not the only one who has trouble resisting the urge to toss everything into my shopping cart. 25+ IKEA Kallax or Expedit Shelf Hacks We love Kallax, formerly Expedit, shelving units for the various sizes and colors to choose from and the friendly price tag. The Kallax is bulky and boxy by design, so if you use feet/legs that are too thin and long it might look weird. Here’s a good tutorial that shows you how to create a Kallax platform bed without using any tools at all. But don’t let the name fool you because you can use this new storage unit to display practically anything, from your book collection to beautiful floral arrangements. Check out my article that explains exactly how to paint IKEA laminate furniture, or watch the video here! All you really need to do is attach a set of legs to the unit. There’s never enough of it. With a bit of creativity, you can easily convert the KALLAX Series shelf unit from IKEA into practically anything. We love Ikea hacks that are a little bit different at Hacksaholic and this fits the bill nicely. As for me, But if this is the look you’re after, you’ll be glad to know it’s super easy to achieve it! A lesson in chic and calming neutrals via @sylviat, I literally spent 9 hours straight looking at bath, What a perfect outdoor space by @threebirdsrenovat, Just love how @sarahshermansamuel used pink, bold, Crazy times in the right now. IKEA Kallax that used to be Expedit is a simple and cool shelving unit that must be adjusted to the wall. The Kallax inner dimensions remained identical to the former Expedit, however the outer edge of the unit was refined and slimmed down a little. Take your home office to the next level by building your own desk with the KALLAX shelf unit. Then you just tape the fabric across the back, which creates an awesome faux backdrop for your shelves! Read More. . So all you’d need to do is stick the strip to the back of your unit. He has … Oh HAY! For a maximum effect display, try sticking some led light strips on the back of your Kallax. If you don’t already have a storage bench at home, well you’re seriously missing out. As you know the Kallax doesn’t come with a back piece, ie you see right through it. From a design standpoint, it’s a solid 10/10. Want to do something super unique with your KALLAX shelf? So if you’re not ready to fully customize your Kallax right now, it’s all good – you can buy pre-made options! How to Make a DIY Christmas Stocking Out of a Pillowcase (in under an hour). If you live in a smaller space and need a smaller island, here is a tutorial to create a Kallax kitchen island with the 2×2 Kallax cube storage unit. Not sure what you can do with a KALLAX shelf? Image Courtesy of Lux Hax. Kallax can be easily renovated into a bench with storage, this is a great solution for any modern home where we often lack storage space. Pretty Pegs has all the best leg options designed especially for Kallax, and they are super affordable, too. If you stack your Kallax shelves, do not forget to secure them properly! Kallax shelves are so universal that you can get almost anything from them: a bedside table, a TV unit, a playing kitchen for kids, a bathroom shelf, a kitchen island or a space divider. Total cost is about $200. Great if you’re a fan of farmhouse décor. Best of all, most of the Kallax hacks in this list are pretty easy and quick to pull off. For further information, please view my policies. I was not paid to write this post, however it may contain affiliate links. This creates a seamless look that gives the illusion of custom built-ins. You do NOT want these falling on you or anyone in your home!! The photo above is a great example of this Kallax 5×5 hack. IKEA decided to re-release the shelving units and slightly redesign them. If you would like to see a good tutorial for how to create the bench cushion, check this one out. This Kallax hack is truly transformational and so creative! DIY IKEA Kallax Benches. Well, here’s something you’ve definitely never thought of: LED lights. Hey! You get a ton of storage space, which isn’t the case with the traditional room divider. Get two Kallax … . . One of my favorite affordable IKEA Kallax hacks is to just add some legs to your unit. This Ikea Kallax hack has had some MDF doors fixed to the front of each … There are plenty of great color options here! This is a quality hack, my friends. Have you decided which way you are going to hack your Kallax? If you are going to stack your Kallax, then you MUST make sure you secure them to the wall!!!!!!! When you buy products with my links, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Usually light strips are incredibly easy to install, as they come with a sticky double sided tape on one side. Not to mention, it’s pretty cool to tell people that you have a portable library. Done! For more awesome DIY bed frames head over here!! Head over to Savvy Heart for the full tutorial. Not to mention, it also gives you the option of dim lighting for when you just want to sit back and relax. Currently, most Kallax units are available in white, high gloss white, black-brown and walnut effect light gray. But the thing is – it’s actually fairly easy to build your own cabinets with the KALLAX shelf. I love using this chalkboard paint for most of my DIY projects around the house! There are a TON of ways to take your Kallax unit to the next level – so let’s take a look at some of the most creative ways to hack the IKEA Kallax! Calling all wine lovers! Thankfully, there’s a better (and much cheaper) way to go about upgrading your home décor situation. The video is in french, but if you watch it, it’s super self-explanatory so you’ll easily be able to understand how she puts it all together. With so many people working from home at this point in time, I know an “on the fly” room divider would come in handy for many! Super functional, plus it looks really good. Another advantage of using the KALLAX shelf as a room divider? Fact: We can all use a bit more storage space around the house. Just flip a 1×4 cube unit Kallax on its side, purchase some upholstery foam cut to size, and recover it in your favorite fabric. Rustic Storage Box Hack. This is one of the easiest ways to section off a larger space or even to add a “wall” into an open space within your home. DIY IKEA Kallax Benches. Just keep your shelf unit white and add a set of white doors! Stain the wood to whatever tone you like, and watch your affordable shelving instantly go from average to EPIC. Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags – Beautiful and Easy to Make! To complete keep up the aesthetic, I highly recommend a set of knobs like these ones here. Trying to achieve a more alternative look with your DIY storage unit? This is the ultimate IKEA hack for someone who likes to know where everything is! What’s great about this unit is that you can really customize the outcome by picking and choosing which exact spot you want to add a door. IKEA Kallax shelves and shelving units are the best canvas for creating! Just browse the IKEA website. Instead of using a regular bookshelf to display your books out in the open, why not build your very own portable library? Sometimes you just want to sit in a corner of your house and bask in the peace of nothingness. While these shelves from IKEA is relatively … This is the ultimate hack for the avid reader. Get extra storage space on either side of the desk where you can … This project is a little on the pricier side due to the drawers and hardware needed.
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