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josephine clematis care
Plant Patent #12,912. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Clematis Josephine tends to bloom heavily at the very top of it's vine in the spring. ... Care Information. Popular Plants Huge, 4 ½- to 5-inch lilac-pink flowers open gradually from striking bronze petals brushed with green, creating a three-tiered effect. Keep reading to learn more about clematis care. Mulch to conserve moisture. Clematis cultivars, such as C. Anna Louise, C. Josephine, C. Will Goodwin, and C. Polish Spirit, can successfully be grown during late spring and early summer in USDA zones 5b through 9b. Post a comment about this plant. Monrovia's Regal® Josephine Clematis details and information. Clematis need to be pruned regularly to prevent them becoming a tangled mass of stems. Biggest Show – Clematis ‘Josephine’ The different stages of Clematis ‘Josephine’ Pruning Group: 2. If you’re looking for a Clematis that has big beautiful, multi-petal blooms, Josephine may be your girl! Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata' Vienetta™ 'Ville de Lyon' Wisley™ Victorian™ Evipo001(N) End of Season Care: Plants may be mulched, but take care to keep mulch material away from the crowns and stems of the plants. She starts out like the picture above with dark pink single petals around the outside of … Check to make sure that the vines of Group I and II plants are tied securely to supports to withstand winter winds. Regular pruning encourages strong growth and flowering and keeps the plant within bounds. Perfect for the small garden, Josephine is a compact plant that will not grow huge and rambling. For proper care of clematis, clematis vines prefer sunny locations (at least six hours of sun needed for blooming) but the soil should be kept cool. 1. It looks better if it's grown through another plant to hide the plain vine. Josephine™ boasts double blooms unlike any other clematis! Developed in 1998, you can grow this clematis in a container. Clematis 'Josephine' I am especially fond of all types of clematis, and the beautiful pink/lilac hues of 'Josephine' are breathtaking. Without pruning the plant will become bare at the base, with all of the flowers high up on the plant. An easy way to accomplish this is by planting some type of ground cover or shallow-rooted perennial plants around the clematis. This unique Clematis is a study in fascinating color and form! Thrives in well-drained, lightly alkaline soil, with roots sheltered and top growth in the sun. How to Grow Clematis.
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