One can form a mental picture, and many will find themselves carrying on an internal dialogue about the issues raised. Includes bibliographical references and index. Joseph wurde als viertes von elf Kindern von Joseph Smith, Sr. und Lucy Smith (geb. He lived great, and he died great in the eyes of God and his people” (D&C 135:3). 10 –  King Benjamin, Preacher of Righteousness Joseph Smith : the making of a prophet by Vogel, Dan, 1955-Publication date 2004 Topics Smith, Joseph, Jr., 1805-1844 Publisher Salt Lake City : Signature Books Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; oliverwendellholmeslibrary; phillipsacademy; americana Digitizing sponsor Kahle/Austin Foundation Contributor Phillips Academy, Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Language English. Salt Lake City ISBN 1-56085-179-1 (alk. © 2004 Signature Books. 04 – Slippery Treasures In the early 1820s, he had a powerful conversion experience and felt that Jesus had forgiven him of his sins. 02 – A Wilderness of Discontent, Section II: Early Life in Western New York, 1816-1827 The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 437 pages and is available in Paperback format. Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet. xxii, 715 p. … 05 – A Family Divided 24 – Nephi—A New Beginning 12 – Abinadi, Prophet Martyr Joseph Smith: Was Joseph Smith a true prophet or a religious pretender? Mack) in Sharon, Vermont, geboren. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Cite. by Dan Vogel}, author={K. R. Walker}, year={2006} } K. R. Walker; Published 2006; Philosophy; Rarely does a biographer capture the sense of being in a different time and mindset to the extent that readers feel they are reliving events through the eyes of the biographer’s subject. Jackson was a Mason and an advocate of secularism, which alarmed evangelical Protestants. 11 – King Mosiah, Inspired Translator Seine Familie war bibelgläubig. paper) The book covers the period of Smith's life up until 1831. 18 – Helaman and Nephi Battle Secret Combinations Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet. When Andrew Jackson was elected U.S. president in 1828, it was a key transitional period in American history. 16 – Alma’s Final Acts and Disappearance Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Create Alert. Top 3 of 4 Citations View All. Over time, Joseph became aware that people trusted him and that he could be an influence for good or ill, that even through nefarious means, God worked through him when his heart was right. This inspired him to share the gospel message with others, particularly with his own family. Vogel addresses the following broad themes: 22 – The Jaredites Joseph Smith The Making of a Prophet by Dan Vogel. 3. 03 – Promised Land Joseph’s maternal grandfather published an account of seeing a heavenly light and hearing Jesus’ voice. Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI. Free download or read online Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith pdf (ePUB) book. 08 – Translation Crisis I. 2004042857, Section I: The Smith Family in Vermont and New Hampshire, 1796-1816 Author Kyle R. Walker. By Kyle R. Walker; Following up on his five-volume Early Mormon Documents series, Dan Vogel recently completed a psychobiography on Joseph Smith. [B] About the same time, Smith found a talent for preaching and delivered “passable” Methodist sermons at a nearby revival. “Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer of the Lord, has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man that ever lived in it. He realized this when he led groups in search of Spanish treasure in New York and Pennsylvania. His mother’s family was orthodox and partly mystical; his father’s family tended toward rationalism and skepticism. Joseph felt disinherited and saw no way of escape—no chance for his family to regain its former standing in the community. Die Familie hatte häufig mit wirtschaftlichen Schwierigkeiten zu kämpfen. Joseph found solace in religion. Vogel weaves together strands of evidence into a complete fabric including, among other aspects of Smith’s environment, the content of his daily dictation of scriputre and revelation—all contributing to a nearly complete view of what occurred on any given day in Smith’s lfie. Smith, Joseph, 1805-1844. title page: Title Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 2004. 20 – Christ in America 19 – Samuel and Nephi, Heralds of Christ’s Coming Following up on his five-volume Early Mormon Documents series, Dan Vogel recently completed a psychobiography on Joseph Smith. American Proto-Zionism and the "Book of Lehi": Recontextualizing the Rise of Mormonism, Behold an Angel of the Lord Came and Stood Before Me:A Cultural Examination of Joseph Smith's 1823 Visions of Moroni, Joseph Smith's doctrine of the Holy Spirit contrasted with Cartwright, Campbell, Hodge, and Finney, Reassessing authorship of the Book of Mormon using delta and nearest shrunken centroid classification, Inside the Mind of Joseph Smith: Psychobiography and the Book of Mormon (Salt Lake City, Inside the Mind of Joseph Smith: Pyschobiography and the Book of Mormon, and William D, Morain, The Sword of Laban: Joseph Smith, Jr. and the Dissociated Mind, in Journal of Mormon History, By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our. 15 – Mosiah’s Four Sons as Missionaries The Making of a Prophet Launch Research Feed . 09 – The Lost “Book of Lehi” Signature Books is a registered trademark of Signature Books Publishing, LLC. Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet was printed on acid-free paper and was composed, printed, and bound in the United States of America. 25 – The Death of Lehi Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet. . Die Eltern arbeiteten als Händler und Bauern. Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet. You are currently offline. by Dan Vogel @inproceedings{Walker2006JosephST, title={Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet. Dan Vogel Readers will feel engaged in the dramatic, formative events in the prophet’s life against a backdrop of theology, local and national politics, Smith family dynamics, organizational issues, and interpersonal relations. . Vogel casts Smith in the role of a magician, who perhaps believes in his own ability to perform magic while using fraud to support his position: a charlatan that came to believe that he was called of God. The Smith family experienced a series of financial setbacks and lost their farm in 1825. 17 – Moroni, Military Hero Save to Library. 2004, copyright page: Share This Paper. 07 – Prophetic Calling, Section III: The Book of Mormon Project, 1828-1830 1. Vogel adopts a similar thesis to Robert D. Anderson’s earlier work Inside the Mind of Joseph Smith: Psychobiography and the Book of Mormon. 5. The first edition of the novel was published in May 15th 1976, and was written by Joseph Smith Jr.. 29 – The Church of Christ The author assumes Smith to be the author of the Book of Mormonand takes the position that the book may be use… Although no treasure was found, the men sincerely believed that Smith had a spiritual gift and could see where casks of gold were hidden in the earth. Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet is a biography of the formative years of the founder of Mormonism written by Dan Vogel. 289.3’092—dc22 The Making of a Prophet 21 – Mormon and Moroni— The Final Struggle p. cm. The result is as much intellectual history as traditional biography. 26 – Jacob and Nephi, Disciples of Isaiah 23 – Moroni’s Farewell 2. 30 – Persecution 28 – Publishing the Book of Mormon, Section IV: Founding the Church of Christ, 1830-1831 Wegen geschäftlicher Fehlschläge und Missernten zog sie in der Hoffnung, nach dem jeweiligen Neuanfang ein besseres Leben zu finden, mehrmals innerhalb der … 1. | by Dan Vogel. All rights reserved. 4. 27 – Jacob and His Posterity Signature Books 14 – Alma II Combats Universalism on the flap BX8695.S6V64 2004 Joseph Smith Joseph Smith : the making of a prophet / by Dan Vogel. This training ground in spiritual leadership was invaluable because the prophet learned how to create an environment for belief—one in which people could exercise faith and be converted to Christ through the sensible influence of the Spirit, all prior to the overarching work of restoring primitive Christianity. . The main characters of this religion, christianity story are , . 31 – Ohio, Home | © 2013 Signature Books. All rights reserved. Download PDF. on the flap Rarely does a biographer capture the sense of being in a different time and mindset to the extent that readers feel they are reliving events through the eyes of the biographer’s subject. Buy This Item. 01 – Favored Son 06 – A Family in Crisis Joseph’s paternal grandfather promoted Thomas Paine’s skeptical critique of the Bible, The Age of Reason. The home that Joseph Smith was raised in was religiously divided. Vogel, who edited the five-volume series Early Mormon Documents, attempts to answer this and other questions in this somewhat tedious, workmanlike psychological biography of Smith. 13 – Alma, Church Founder PDF (Download) $0.00. This is the skill of Dan Vogel—after twenty-five years of researching Joseph Smith’s life and publishing on such related issues as Seekerism, the Book of Mormon, views of Smith’s contemporaries about Indian origins, and the existing documents pertaining to Smith family experiences.
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