The use of innovative teaching strategies has been a hot topic from the last decade. Innovative methods for this purpose play a significant role to improve education. Dive Brief: The traditional education paradigm of knowledge transfer from teacher at the head of the classroom to students in neat rows of desks is outdated and ineffective, as 21st century learning now demands more creative, hands-on, and flexible forms of teaching. Innovative teaching involves using innovative methods and teaching learning materials for the benefit of students (Mandula, Meda, & Jain, 2012). Published by Emerald on behalf of the National University, California. In recent years, the social change in Taiwan and the effect of education reform have influenced how teachers redefined their professional role and implement innovative teaching. Students, teachers, administrators, parents, policy makers, and community members have remarkably similar views of what education looks like, and those views have not changed much since we were in school. If you're an educator or a home-schooling parent, here are 10 ways you can make your classroom or teaching expertise more innovative, exciting and successful for all learners. ; Implementation of innovation-based classes with roots in STEM, STEAM, making, and constructivism, is both popular and … The Importance of Innovation in Teaching Giving people an image of what learning could be like is a really important part of improving education. Generally, teaching is a combination of two main components sending and receiving information. The Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning is an academic, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on innovations in teaching and learning that inform organizational practices and educational policies. Creative and skilled teachers are being found using different innovative teaching methods at higher education levels. According to Anderson and Neri (2012) , innovative teaching can involve virtual labs: learning activities based on real-life problems; learning environments with equipment, furnishings, materials, and audiovisual resources; and learning guides … Innovation is a method that brings in itself the spirit, new approaches, procedures, skills, and new content. with innovative teaching, whereas professional identification exerted no moderating effect on innovative teaching. I am convinced that in legal education mini-lecture mixed with student activity is the most forwarding. Currently, the theory is actualized by the use of active and innovative teaching methods in education (brainstorming, case study, group teaching methods, etc.). some innovative teaching and learning methods which are not often used in legal education I clarify the importance of mini-lecture as a presentation method. … innovative teaching techniques which will focus on training future graduates to be more efficient and a productive part of the society.
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