Gear and feats apply to the post-stack value. 1,453 Pages. Torogar is a support and DPS Champion who powers up Evil Champions. Tiamat's Word: Torogar now also gains a Zealot stack when any evil Champion kills an enemy (not just Champions adjacent to Torogar). A support score of 8 with all Torogar's flaws is way to generous. Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. As you can see, Torogar is about on-par with a well-geared Tyril in the same formation, and Torogar will grow substantially with both gear and kills. both Farideh and Pwent aint to useful either right now. He is obtained from the Highharvestide Event. Enemies with a Mark of Tiamat take 300% additional damage. DPS: 6/10Support: 8/10note: the Support score assumes you can take advantage of his support abilities with an Evil DPS and have farmed a decent amount of kills. Seems like it is only Torogar killing in which increases it. Unlocked at level 210 cost 1.02e23. Posted in Idle Champions. Torogar and Arkhan start in the formation and can not be moved or swapped out. Arkhan just isn't worth it, not to mention the fact that Arkhan is gaining absolutely zero Usurp/Bulk Up buffs from both characters. Given how limited his buff is (evil only), I would have expected something more. This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 08:01. The base value increases depending on the number of Dark Order champions adjacent to Torogar via Dark Order Synergy. While blood raging, he increases the damage of the formation significantly, with permanent power-ups that unlock the more you use him. Kill lots of things, gain lots of stacks. Torogar grows in power over time and prioritizes buffing himself and other evil Champions. The entirety of Torogar's kit revolves around gaining Zealot stacks, so farm up! What bothers me is that while torogar and krull push the whole dark order up, arkhan pushes it down. Not sure how his stacks work. The champion will have a very limited use. Once Torogar's Zealot stacks reach the thresholds noted below, the listed effect will also activate when Blood Rage is active. Minsc has the DPS. If the Tiamat's Rage specialization is chosen, Torogar triggers Blood Rage when he returns to the formation regardless of the number of Zealot stacks, or reset the duration if Blood Rage is already active. This damage bonus is increased by 100% when Blood Rage is active. Torogar throws up big numbers for Evil aligned DPS, but there's not much to choose from currently. Here we go again! Wow... all 3 probably won't be utilized. Similarly, Torogar and Artemis don't work as well as one would hope. Farideh have never seemed like a top dps and Pwent is just a smelly mess of the book version. Enemies cannot gain a Mark of Tiamat twice. Note: This page is severely outdated and most of these formations aren't possible anymore. As soon as a more flexible and competitive Evil DPS emerges, he'll 100% be in those formations. Okay, well, it's really two weeks, but the cycle continues. As a shortie, Pwent is great with Ishi, since he boosts her damage by a good amount without slowing down her attack speed at all. it's all about the stacks! Only one stack can be gained per kill, so an evil Champion next to Torogar still only counts once. That's really the issue, coupled with the fact that his mechanics don't work well with the 2 biggest Evil DPS (Artemis and Arkhan), and the 3rd biggest Evil DPS (Krond) shares a slot with Krull. All other Champions have their DPS disabled, but can still contribute formation abilities. Torogar's Abilities Basic Attack Fiery Longswords — Torogar inflames his golden blades and then attacks the nearest enemy. Torogar is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. So i suggest you see what Psylisa say when she review the new champion.
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