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how to use copperzap
The creators recommend using this device for two to three days consecutively to effectively prevent the flu or common cold. In this case the answer is – maybe, well, it’s complicated. Copper is a natural element in many foods. Or – you can take a basic science or anecdotal observation, skip over the clinical research that would be necessary to know if it actually works, and go straight to marketing. These are the exact questions a clinical trial could answer. It can also be used when the user has been around other people who are sick. Get Deal Q: Is only one use required to stop the flu or cold? On their website they proclaim, “New research indicates you can stop a cold naturally before it starts.” The site is also loaded with anecdotes, such as, “Seven years without a cold. The illness can be spread through a number of ways, but the most common way that people contract a cold is by touching germs. The basic claim that metallic copper kills viruses (and bacteria) on contact is actually true. What are the dangers of having people put a copper wand deep into their nasal passages? You have to study the effect itself to really know. The cocoa flavanols story is quite impressive. Overview CopperZap® combines a solid copper nasal wand with a solid copper touch surface handle to create a single low-cost device for personal use. CopperZap was developed in response to the strong scientific evidence. Based on current evidence, in fact, it is reasonable to recommend copper surfaces for high germ areas, like hospitals. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. But markers may not indicate what we think. I could find no data on this. Homeopathy, for example, is essentially witchcraft, with magic potions that have zero basis in reality. This is not a no-brainer, because copper surfaces may simply be unnecessary in a home setting. Clinically, there are no published peer-reviewed studies. The science is not there. This evidence is still preliminary, but is sufficient to take it further. Ariella Mole and Skin Tag Remover and Repair Lotion Set, Remove Moles and Skin Tags . It might even be reasonable to have copper covered counters and sinks in your bathroom. In one picture on the website they show someone holding the wand against a cold sore. The studies show that bacteria and viruses sitting right on top of the copper are killed, but this may not apply to viruses in tissue. One is that the virus may already be too deep in the tissue for copper to work. They may be a byproduct, and not the process itself. Copper is vital for tissue health. Do you have to do each nostril for this time, with how many applications? While CopperZap is one of many new solutions to hit the market, from the CleanKey or UV light sanitizers, to face masks and hand sanitizers or immune boosters, products designed to help maintain an optimal environment in terms of personal cleanliness are on the rise and are steadily being marketed..but: Does CopperZap really prevent illness or help reduce the common cold side effects by using at the first sign of a flu or bodily condition? Consumers can also fill out the online form on the official website, which is found at https://www.copperzap.com/contact/. But I couldn’t help thinking that you could literally just be holding a penny against the cold sore. On their website they proclaim, “New research indicates you can stop a cold naturally before it starts.” The site is also loaded with anecdotes, such as, “Seven years without a cold. 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