In the end, teaching English Language Arts is all about teaching written communication. I’m subscribing and looking forward to following! [The following post contains affiliate links. 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Whether the homeschooling parents specifically singled out “reading” on its own or as an important aspect of English Language Arts, the meaning was evident: If you teach your children to read, they can learn anything on their own. I knew how to write metaphors and similes, alliterate a sentence and tell you what each element of a story was. (a curriculum archive) comes in handy. Obviously multiple components make up what we consider the study of Language Arts. There are probably hundreds of games for writing, reading, or spelling — likely more than for any other subject! Because of that a nurturing environment, one that is supportive and peaceful, needs to be created in the home. Here are a few resources to get started. By choosing the homeschool life, we want to teach our children. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. But I loved when my oldest son would look up at me and say “Hold you” instead of “Hold me”. This means that as a teacher you need to have an arsenal of games and resources to hand in order to keep your class engaged. You’ll be all kinds of excited and thrilled, but tread carefully. Animal Writing Prompts for Elementary Homeschoolers, Writing Skill Builders for Vacations and Road Trips, Homeschool Writing Assignments for Every Grade Level, Using Online Tools and Websites to Encourage Writing, How to Create a Homeschool Poetry Unit Study, Learn How to Teach Writing to Your Children, The Ultimate Classical Literature Unit Study Resource. —New Oxford American Dictionary. Read aloud to students as much as possible. Need some help? You don’t need multiple textbooks and workbooks. On the other hand, if you’d rather play a classic board or card game together, there are also numerous choices at your fingertips! When we teach naturally, we can show them: This is why. Games give children the freedom to fail without fear, which results in students feeling open to learning new concepts and practicing continuously to win. It is even OK if you hated diagramming when you were in school. And when it came to writing, I followed the 5-paragraph paper format completely. But the truth is, you already have a lot of experience. Research proves that teaching grammar in isolation from writing does nothing to improve students ability to write well. Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to teaching Language Arts? To teach Language Arts, you have several resources for your perusal. Lists of unrelated practice sentences, spelling words your students aren’t using in some way, and vocabulary that has nothing to do with what they are studying won’t be an issue. Personally, the hardest part for me is leaving titles off the reading list because they all sound great! Specifically for homeschool Language Arts, unit studies are perfect because they blend seamlessly with literature. Reading Resources for Language Arts. I honestly do not remember a thing from language arts lessons from elementary or middle school. Therefore, meaning always come first and should dictate the form. Language Arts is one of those super important subjects you teach in homeschool. Writing skills are essential for college papers and projects in future careers. Once you’ve caught your homeschooler’s interest, scheduling literature units and reading time is far easier. They are thinking about the things they have been learning and forming their worldview. Sometimes, that subject may be racecars while other times it may be sharks or dancing. But teaching naturally shouldn’t be confined to the elementary years. See Dear Mom, you may not have ever realized it, but you are an excellent teacher. They speak in fragments and run-ons, use words incorrectly, and mix up pronouns. Teaching English or any foreign language to preschool or kindergarten age children can be a challenge, as young children generally have short attention spans and require a lot of different activities within a lesson. You’ve been doing things instinctually for years. When we teach naturally, we consider students’ individual learning styles, what we know from research about how they develop and learn, how language works, and the purpose of it all. Thankfully, homeschooling these days is far easier than it used to be, which means there are numerous resources for ideas, curriculum, lessons, journaling, activities, and more. Do you own an effective writing curriculum or the perfect spelling program for your kids? This is why it’s important to teach Language Arts with a strong focus on composition. (Some of these links will take you away from We will cover six sections for teaching Language Arts: If you are a bookworm, it is likely challenging if one of your children is a reluctant reader. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about how to teach Language Arts. Try Language Lessons from Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars! ), Homeschool Curriculum Ideas for Language Arts, To teach Language Arts, you have several resources for your perusal. Ask your child questions about what was read. Also, it is always a good idea to follow your children’s existing interests with. If you are creating a unit study for Language Arts, you’ll find no end to the available literary resources! This is the scene: A teacher stands in front of the class, telling her … There may even be an included grimace or eyeroll. You don’t give babies board-book textbooks and worksheets. When hesitant readers find the right book for them, it’s an incredible transformation to witness. And because of this, many approach teaching it as isolated areas of study. However, if you pick up a few books with plots, stories, or characters celebrating your child’s interests, you’ll likely be far closer to engaging their enjoyment of reading. One sneaky way is to say, “Why don’t you tell dad about the story we were reading today?”. Whether you are a new homeschooler or you’re simply looking for fresh Language Arts inspiration, we have suggestions and advice! With delight-directed books on the homeschool schedule instead, your children won’t as easily write them off — perhaps even giving them a second glance! You don’t have to get rid of them in order to teach naturally. And they provide real books by real authors, building a library of tools for their students. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. © Copyright 2020 HomeschoolConnect, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Think of dictation as the close friend of copywork. You can read my disclosure here.]. You simply talk to them. It exposes them to vocabulary, and helps them to internalize language structures that they will apply to their own reading. Consider it the ultimate list of language arts lessons for elementary teachers! 50+ Language Arts Activities and Lessons for Elementary 1. The inclusion of multiple subjects and assignments also help students meet English Language Art standards. Recently, we asked our homeschool community which subject they would teach if they could only choose one. Of course! Introductory paragraph, three supporting paragraphs, concluding paragraph with all the transition sentences and words in between. The language arts curriculum should be taught according to the developmental stage of students. Here are several to start! Even without college, the workforce often requires technical writing, reports, analysis documents, and more. Writing assignments in school is the time to provide a solid foundation for your children’s skills or knowledge. ), Beyond gathering resources to teach Language Arts, at some point you have to decide on a reading list itself. Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content. For homeschool parents who are not avid readers, though, it may be difficult to decide which books should be included in your curriculum plan. Reading aloud is also a great way to get students calmed down before a transition in lessons.
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