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how to make ice shot glasses
May 20, 2016 Turning foods into surprising vessels for sipping alcohol seems to be too adorable a proposition for Delish … Tape over the tops of both cups, so they are flush and level with each other, in an x-formation. Since my floral ice bucket was so well received, I thought it would be a great idea to create a miniature version with ice shot glasses!! Flavored Ice Shots are edible shot glasses that are easy to make and great for parties. How to Make Ice Shot Glasses MATERIALS NEEDED 1 3 oz bathroom cup 1 5 oz bathroom cup 2 pieces of tape water, hot and cold. Take a look at how we make ours! Materials Used in this Tutorial. DIRECTIONS. Making a shot glass out of ice is a cinch. Ice Cream Cone Shot Glasses Are An Instant Party. We went there. I actually used two flavors of a Kool-aid-like beverage to make these glasses; blue raspberry and blueberry pomegranate. They are fruity and floral and so easy to make. You can also use chocolate or candy melts , water (ice shot glasses) or pureed frozen fruit (serve a strawberry mini margarita in a frozen strawberry glass). Hell, even 7-up out of an ice shot glass would be cool. The gang mold made in this tutorial can be used to make many ice glasses at once. These shot glasses are very unique, and are a great way to keep your drinks frosty cold. Not only do they make the ice shot glasses a … 4" x 4" Wood; In addition to making it with a variety of mixers and served with endless possibilities of alcoholic blends, Ice Shot molds can also used for gelatin shots or chocolate dessert cups. These fall themed ice shot glasses are a perfect addition to any party and create an easy and entertaining treat for your guests! The recipes are grouped into cookie shot glasses, gelatin shot glasses (jello shot glasses) and hard candy shot glasses. Categories Cooking Tags glass, ice, shot Post navigation. April 16, 2015 April 16, 2015 Handimania [collage] [infobox] [supply]Two sizes of cups[/supply] [supply]Tape[/supply] [supply]Water[/supply] [/infobox] To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post. Place the smaller cup inside the larger cup so it floats. Ice Shot Glasses. Go to google.com and Search for "SHOT GLASS MOLD" How to make SHOT GLASSES out of ICE tutorial. Fill the larger cup with cold water, just under 1/3 full. Milo shows how to use a Sorta-Clear™ 18 silicone mold to make ice shot glasses. Want to make some super cool ice shot glasses for your next summer party?
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