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how to make headset mic sound better
Check the screenshot to see my exact settings for the Razer Kraken Ultimate. You can also download Audacity and record yourself talking for a bit too. You can reset to default with a button press down at the bottom of the page, so don’t be afraid to play around with the settings in this page. This isn’t a new technique, as it’s one that I found online and have dialed in to make the Razer Kraken Ultimate sound better to me. Most of these settings aren’t difficult to find or reset, so don’t be afraid to tinker if things don’t sound quite like you want them. If you have a noisy keyboard, like me, turning up the gate can help to reduce that noise. We’ve reviewed quite a few USB mics geared for content creators last year. The primary concern here is noise. Dedicated mics take more careful positioning and tweaking to get right, but sound better than headset microphones by a country mile. With inputs and outputs set, we can now start playing with the sound. Built in microphones are usually small and pick up a lot of noise from inside your device’s case. This has four different quadrants and if you drag it to the lower left, into the low section, this seems to be a quick way to improve the sound from the Kraken Ultimate. You never know what might help. These may seem like small adjustments, but they can really make a difference in audio quality. I think so. There are all sorts of things you can tweak in the app’s settings to improve your call quality so click the gear icon next to the mic and headphone icons at the bottom and go to “Voice and Video.” This page features all sorts of goodies to play around with. The best way to determine this is to listen to how your mic makes you sound. Here, you can dial in what settings you like by turning the dials for frequency, cut/boost and Q, which changes the width of changes across the chosen frequency. The gaming experience is amplified when the sound quality as its highest. To do this setup, we need a couple of pieces of software. I do think that these headsets probably sound this way for a reason. Regardless of how cheap your mic is, the reality of modern recording is that just about anything recorded with that microphone can be turned into something usable with enough effort. Whether you have a headset or a stand-alone mic, we can’t understate the value of a good pop or noise filter attached to it. That’s especially true if you’re doing any sort of recording, or you plan to start streaming. The mic check button is also good for deciding whether to turn on the app’s echo cancellation and noise suppression options. This is especially true on PC, where software add-ons are common. Changing A Cheap Mic’s Frequency Response. Once the download is finished, run the setup as an administrator for both Voicemeeter Banana and VB-Cable. First, set the hardware input. However, that’s not a reason to to just live with it if you sound like a windy phone call from the 1990s. But I really like the rest of the Razer Kraken Ultimate’s features. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Nevertheless, there are all sorts of little ways you can positively impact the quality of your mic audio. Of course, the best way to improve your audio is going to be a better microphone. In a few recent headset reviews that I’ve done, I mentioned that one of the weak links, in my opinion, is the sound of the microphone. If you’re running Windows 10, check if the input volume is set appropriately. This way, any effects added within Voicemeeter Banana will be audible through this digital in-out connection. Of course, once finished, be sure to set it back to CABLE Input so you can map the signal to other programs. Once the software is installed, launch Voicemeeter. It sounds great, has a polished design complete with Chroma, and is comfortable for long use.
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