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how to identify flowerhorn male or female
bt not sure so i suggest u search google. The only thing is that you won't know for certain whether it's male or female untill ya vent it. for me the most acurate to tell if a FH is female is to wait until she lay eggs...that is 100% sure you have a female FH . others go for the kok (nuchal hump). Email This BlogThis! All same marking mention your fish in the pic . through the course of time, a lot of techniques have been developed to determining the fish's sex. Share Share Can anybdy plz explain. How to identify a male molly from female. That is, hobbyists have to wait until the fish is sexually mature and then pair the male with a female to see if the male is fertile. How to identify male and female flowerhorn Posted by fish doctor at 3:06 AM. It takes up to 8 months for a male flowerhorn to be sexually mature. what is the best way of knowing if your flowerhorn is a male or female? Boss its a female flowerhorn fish becoz my first flower horn was female flowerhorn by mistake i had choiced that nd. 1 comment: Angelina Keffi November 27, 2019 at 11:37 AM. the animal guy Potamotrygon. It's 40 degree bloodline SRD Can anyone help. Since not every male flowerhorn is fertile, finding a best or perfect fertile flowerhorn is time consuming. ... How to identify male and female fishes in guppies. reply #6. There is a safe & effective Natural Herbal Medicine. Please help me identifying the thai silk flowerhorn male or female. How can I identify the flowerhorn gender.. as the size is 2-2.5 inch. some do it via the dorsal spot. It looks to be female from how the body shape is and the lack of any kok. Labels: How to identify male and female flowerhorn. MFK Member. if the kok is small, it might be a female. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Photographs enclosed. Basically all ya have to do is take the fish out of the tank, hold it upside down, and look at the 2 holes by the anal fin. the black spot on the dorsal fin may indicate that the fish is a female but this is just about 60% accurate. I need to buy one but I'm not sure that it's male or female.
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