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how to grow dragon fruit in pots
https://farmingmethod.com/how-to-grow-dragon-fruits-in-pots Pulp will cling to the seeds, and it’s fine to plant with it attached. Move the pot to a partly sunny window or in front of a grow light. For proper development, the temperature should be between 65-80 degrees F. Growing Dragon fruit in a containers. To grow dragon fruit from seed, slice a dragon fruit in half and use a spoon to scrape out some seeds. A toothpick works nicely. Cover the pot using a piece of clear food storage plastic with tiny holes poked through. For the dragon fruit to grow well, temperature above 40 degrees F. It will not develop in cold weather. Position it somewhere that gets 6-8 hours sunlight, a south facing window or conservatory is ideal. Moisten the soil but avoid saturating it with water. Rinse the seeds. Water it twice per week during the growing season and enjoy watching this beautiful plant grow. For this, choose a large pot that is 10 inches in depth and at least 24 inches in width. Fill a cup or small pot with sterile seed starter or cactus soil mix. Dragon fruit requires about 4 hours of direct sun daily, followed by partial light for another 4. To grow dragon fruit indoors you should use a pot that is 10-12 inches deep fill it with a good quality potting soil.
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