Degrees and Certification to Advance and Specialize, Top Post-Degree Certificate Programs (Post-Associate and Post-Bac), Top Entry-Level, Pre-Degree Paralegal Certificate Programs, Top Associate’s Degree Programs in Paralegal Studies, Top Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Paralegal Studies, Paralegal Studies Professors Interview Series, Paralegals Discuss Calendaring and Deadlines. After you have chosen a legitimate program, you must apply early. Most legitimate programs require 30 credits/300 hours with a grade of "C" or above to earn your paralegal certificate. A paralegal certificate will qualify you for entry-level positions in the field. Below is an overview of several common paralegal certifications. Recertification is required every five years but may be accomplished through the accumulation of continuing legal education hours and activities. There is an additional $25 application processing fee. The LLLT program recognizes paralegals who have met education, experience and exam requirements proving that they are capable of providing legal services that include the ability to actually advise clients on certain matters in limited areas of law without attorney oversight. The 6 Best Online Medical Billing and Coding Classes of 2020, Career Profile: Become a Legal Eagle as a Navy Legalman, 10 Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs, Approved by the American Bar Association; or, A post-baccalaureate certificate program in legal assistant studies; or, A bachelor's degree program in legal assistant studies; or. To earn the American Alliance Certified Paralegal (AACP) designation, you must have at least 5 years of substantive legal experience, along with one of the following: Once you have submitted an Application for Certification, a transcript showing your paralegal education, and an affidavit of declaration from an attorney who attests to your work experience, you will receive the AACP credential. A paralegal who has completed the requirements for certification through NALA, NALS or NFPA is said to be “certified” and can demonstrate this proudly by putting their credential after their name (ex., Jane Doe, CP), while a paralegal who has completed a certificate program is considered “certificated,” which by itself doesn’t let you add any cool credentials to your business card. The cost of the exam is $529 for ALA members and $629 for non-members. What Is a Litigation Support Professional? The cost of taking the exam is $250 for NALA members and $275 for non-members. A legal assistant program which consists of a minimum of 60 semester hours (900 clock hours or 90 quarter hours) of which at least 15 semester hours (225 clock hours or 22.5 quarter hours) are substantive legal courses. Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible for the CLA/CP examination, a legal assistant must meet one of the following alternate requirements: 1. It’s worth noting that some academic certificate programs do teach to national certification standards and would be useful in helping graduates prepare to go on to earn their professional certification through NALA, NALS or NFPA. A bachelor's degree in any field plus one year's experience as a legal assistant. Think of this way: It’s entirely possible to earn a certificate from a community college with straight Ds, but a D student isn’t likely to be able to demonstrate mastery of the knowledge by acing one of the professional certification exams. Just some of the areas you can explore in-depth via the Advanced Certified Paralegal program include: NFPA, founded in 1974, was the nation’s first paralegal association. Specialty Certification (SC) – $150 for members or $200 for non-members. The substantive law section consists of five mini-examinations covering the American Legal System and four areas of substantive law as selected by examinees. To prove that you fulfill the eligibility requirements, the AAPI requires candidates to submit, along with a processing fee, a certified copy of official educational transcripts and an affidavit or declaration from an attorney attesting to your substantive work experience. Each course is organized into multiple modules and includes exercises completed through a curriculum-based model, followed by an assessment. First, you will need to complete a paralegal education, usu… Once you receive notification regarding your eligibility to take the CP exam, you must schedule with PSI, which has testing centers throughout the country. Step 3. The PP certificate is valid for 5 years. The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) offers the Certified Legal Manager (CLM) professional designation for legal administrators. and have at least 24 months of experience in a legal setting. At the time of renewal, an AACP must be employed as a paralegal. The cost of certification is $75. The next step is to find a job in the field. Paralegals with specialty certification may display their designation like this: Jane Doe, PP-SC Civil Litigation. Some certificate programs may require that the applicant has earned a degree in another subject and offer the certificate as a supplement to previous education.
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