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how to deprovision a chromebook
To remove devices that are no longer active and to clean up your Admin console, you can deprovision Chrome devices. Resetting a Chromebook can fix most simple system problems that cause a slow-down. Deprovisioning will do the following for selected devices: Remove device policies, device-level printers, and access to Kiosk Mode (including Public Sessions) Prevent the ability for the device to be enrolled in the domain. It's just as simple to re-provision a CB when it has issues. You also get the option to deprovision the Chromebook from this screen. … Unless you’re disposing of devices yourself I always recommend using the disable rather than deprovision option. Figure 1; Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R to bring up the Powerwash option (Figure 2). Figure 3; The Powerwash will start and roll back your Chromebook to the previous stable build. Come them leaving, I deprovision them in the system (retiring them from fleet option) so they can use them at Uni etc. We’ll show you how to Powerwash for a quick fix and then how to format and reset your Chromebook. Deprovision Chrome devices. Doing so releases the management license, but it also takes it out of your control meaning that a thief could do a factory reset and make it a usable device. Figure 2; Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R again, then select Powerwash and Revert, and follow the on-screen prompts (Figure 3). Our 6th form can buy Chromebooks through us for the year, we put them on the google management and all is well for the year/s they're here. The only exception is that if you replace a device with the same model due to something like a hardware failure, then you can deprovision it with the "replace with same model" option and it will free up the device license. deprovision systems MANAGE FROM THE SAME CONSOLE with no difference for admins Manage Chromebooks from the same console, the same way— regardless of the processor inside Deploy and manage new AMD A4-9120C processor-powered Chromebooks the same way you’ve managed Intel Celeron N3350 processor‑based systems Big purchases require research, planning, and staff training. It's simple to provision a Chrome Book (CB) into a Google Admin Account. Deprovision or Disable a Device ; Go to the User Login screen (Figure 1).
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