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how to catch burbot
Medium to medium/heavy power rods with 6+ pound line should provide a quick, rigid hook-set for these hard-mouthed fish. The tough part is finding places where burbot live and are more than just a random fish. During the spawning season burbot fishing can be great all day long, but if you’re a next level kind of guy or gal, plan to stay late. Here's what you need to know about gear. Recent Posts. The good news is they are not that hard to catch. How deep to go?, probably depends on the depth of lake you are fishing. I find they are night biters unless you bump them on the head with your rigging in daytime. 2017-01-06. Job number one is finding a lake with cold, clean deep water. Lately without feeder summer fishing is not complete. On: May 6, 2020. Hope that helps! Cool looking and a willingness to bite make burbot a lot of fun to catch! 5 Fun Things to Do by Yourself Outdoors. When it comes to bait, if it glows and stinks, burbot will likely hit it. The bite burbot powerless and weak. My summer burbot seem to be a little smaller on average than on ice. In my experince of catching Burbot is Jig head and minnow about 12 inches off the bottom . When I’m into burbot, it can be fish after fish, for as long as I’m willing to drop a hook. #6 06-12-2009, 02:07 PM Alberta Redneck : Join Date: Sep 2007. Feeder with groundbait feeder attracts many benthic fry. Two pretty good videos there. It attracts burbot, but to catch snapper fish trifle does not always work and you have to grab the hook with the worms. Next Post: Best Ice Fishing Rods. Posts: 259 Are you fishing in a lake or river for burbot? So, how do you catch a burbot? Overall, my … I have also noticed that Pike and burbot share the same area's . No related posts. They also like the cold water and up here in northern BC you don't have to go too deep. Lake Superior has lots of these fish, as does Lake Nipigon, so you get the idea. Then at the bottom of the page, they have a free recipe book for burbot. Location: Outside the Grid. Previous Post: Ice Fishing Electronics. How To Catch Burbot. I have some theories but we won't get into that. Tips. Best gear. Sometimes active jigging catches the most burbot, and other times stationary or dead-sticked presentations prove more successful. Catch of burbot and ravings, mostly this trip is in August, preferably early in the morning. By: magfish. Burbot fishing is extraordinary, and definitely underrated. I have caught a couple hundred of these things out of rivers, such as the Smokey River. One shows you how to catch 'em, and then the second video shows a pretty slick way to fillet 'em. There missing a beer-battered, deep-fried burbot recipe which is in my opinion THE way to cook them.
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