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how to be a patient advocate
When choosing a patient advocate, consider the following important points: Ask your doctor or the facility where you’re getting treated if there is someone you can talk with who can help you. If a new medication is prescribed, ask what it is, what it’s for, and what potential side effects you should be aware of. 5. When hospital staff come to administer medications, your advocate should confirm what the medications and dosages are, as well as checking to make sure the doctor or nurse is delivering those medications to the correct patient. As Blackman said, you can’t be an advocate for others if you don’t first advocate for yourself. You may do everything in your power to support and protect your patient's rights but you cannot be around day and night. The Patient Advocacy Program is for all veterans and their families who receive care at Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities and clinics. HealthAdvocatePrograms.com …provides a master list of all learning opportunities for patient and health advocates and navigators, those who are exploring the concept, or considering advocacy as a career. This is someone who is going to fight for you, your family and your finances. How to Select a Patient Advocate: Where to Begin. We want to be sure you have someone to go to with your concerns in a timely manner and to help you receive care. So here's what to consider when looking for one. Health and Patient Advocate Educational Programs. Patient Advocate. Included are overviews and student or member reviews of these private advocacy organizations. Advocate for yourself. "Patient advocate" is almost a buzz phrase right now and for good reason. Patient advocacy is one of the school’s most popular courses. Whether you’re dealing with an initial diagnosis, a recurrence or a chronic condition, there are resources and steps to help you be your own advocate for yourself. Teach them to advocate for themselves. Patient advocates are not doctors, and they're not lawyers. Instead, they fall somewhere in between, helping the seriously ill navigate the often complex world of treatment options, patients' rights, insurance and government benefits. As a patient, you may not have a close family member or friend who is available or able to help you navigate through the health care system, or the resources to hire someone. The profession, however, is so new that there are no state licenses, requirements or accreditation for its workers.
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