A lightning strike or lightning bolt is an electric discharge between the atmosphere and the ground. The United States is struck by lightning about 25 million times a year. Lightning interferes with AM (amplitude modulation) radio signals much more than FM (frequency modulation) signals, providing an easy way to gauge local lightning strike intensity. [20] Since sap is a relatively poor conductor, its electrical resistance causes it to be heated explosively into steam, which blows off the bark outside the lightning's path. The safest place is inside a building or a vehicle. Somewhere in the foldings of the clouds, lightening is forming. Regional, seasonal, and occupational differences affect your risk of being injured by lightning. Immediate precautions against lightning should be taken if the F-B time is 25 seconds or less, that is, if the lightning is closer than 8 km or 5 miles. The U.S. National Lightning Safety Institute[28] advises American citizens to have a plan for their safety when a thunderstorm occurs and to commence it as soon as the first lightning is seen or thunder heard. [30] In the United States, the average annual death toll from lightning is around 51 deaths per year, although more recently, in the period 2009 to 2018, the U.S. has averaged only 27 lightning fatalities per year. [27] To do so, one should tune a standard AM medium wave receiver to a frequency with no transmitting stations, and listen for crackles amongst the static. Even the most knowledgeable first responders may not recognize a lightning-related injury, let alone particulars, which a medical examiner, police investigator or on the rare occasion a trained lightning expert may have difficulty identifying to record accurately. Males are five times more likely than females to be struck by lightning; around 85% of lightning fatalities are men. Other common places are industrial locations and private residences. Depending on the flash strength and access to medical services, it may be instantaneously fatal or cause permanent injury and impairment. [9], However, during a flash, the current flowing through the channel and around the body will generate large electromagnetic fields and EMPs, which may induce electrical transients (surges) within the nervous system or pacemaker of the heart, upsetting normal operations. It may be a significant factor in erosion of tropical and subtropical mountains that have never been glaciated. For more information, visit As lower frequencies propagate further along the ground than higher ones, the lower medium wave (MW) band frequencies (in the 500–600 kHz range) can detect lightning strikes at longer distances; if the longwave band (153–279 kHz) is available, using it can increase this range even further. Roughly 300 people per year are struck by lightning in the United States. Human sensory acuity is not as fine as that of the milliseconds duration of a lightning flash, and our ability to observe this event is subject to the brain's inability to comprehend it. A method to determine the distance between lightning strike and viewer, involves counting the seconds between the lightning flash and thunder. If the damage is severe, the tree may not be able to recover, and decay sets in, eventually killing the tree. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lightning_strike&oldid=986194208, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Being hit by lightning will also be … There are about 40 to 50 lightning strikes around the world every second making the annual hitting over 1 billion times. [13][14] In the US, between 9% and 10% of those struck die,[15] with an annual average of 25 deaths in the 2010s decade (16 in 2017). This occurrence is known as "A Bolt From the Blue";[26] lightning can strike up to 10 miles from a cloud. Lightning currents have a very fast rise time, on the order of 40 kA per microsecond. More than a third of lightning strike deaths occur on farms. Most lightning protection devices and systems protect physical structures on the earth, aircraft in flight being the notable exception. Lightning, as varied in properties measured across orders of magnitude as it is, can cause direct effects or have secondary impacts; lead to the complete destruction of a facility or process or simply cause the failure of a remote electronic sensor; it can result in outdoor activities being halted for safety concerns to employees as a thunderstorm nears an area and until it has sufficiently passed; it can ignite volatile commodities stored in large quantities or interfere with the normal operation of a piece of equipment at critical periods of time. 2013 February: Nine South African children were hospitalized after a lightning incident occurred on a cricket field at their school, injuring five children on the pitch and four girls who were walking home. The entire flash lasts only a fraction of a second. Lightning most often strikes people who work outside or engage in outdoor recreational activities. Blast injuries – being thrown and suffering. Lightning generally decreases from the southeast to the northwest, except for a few places such as the Rocky Mountains, where topography causes regular thunderstorms during the summer. A person struck directly by lightning becomes a part of the main lightning discharge channel. Hallucinations may be induced in people located within 200 meters of a severe lightning storm. The class of these products are often called a "finial" or "air terminal". But the odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are only around 1 in 500,000. The object struck may explode or subsequent fires destroy all of the little evidence that may have been available immediately after the strike itself. It may also point to the victim not being directly struck at all, but just being very close to the strike termination.[5]. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (.  Hundreds of devices, including lightning rods and charge transfer systems, are used to mitigate lightning damage and influence the path of a lightning flash. In 1962, the USAF placed protective lightning strike-diversion tower arrays at all of the Italian and Turkish Jupiter MRBM nuclear armed missiles sites after two strikes partially arming the missiles. Trees are frequent conductors of lightning to the ground. Lightning arrester, for example, often refers to fused links that explode when a strike occurs to a high voltage overhead power line to protect the more expensive transformers down the line by opening the circuit. Lightning detection systems have been developed and may be deployed in locations where lightning strikes present special risks, such as public parks. Lightning strikes kill about 24,000 people worldwide each year, and about 240,000 people are injured by lightning and survive. 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