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how many lychees in a serving
This is part of our comprehensive database of 40,000 foods including foods from hundreds of popular restaurants and thousands of brands. Lychee Jelly Lollicup 1 serving 78 calories 19.5 grams carbs 0 grams fat 0 grams protein 0 grams fiber 0 mg cholesterol 0 grams saturated fat 65 mg sodium 13.5 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat serving … You'd need to walk 4 minutes to burn 15 calories. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), one cup of fresh lychees contains close to 29 grams of sugar. Learn about the number of calories and nutritional and diet information for Lychee. The serving weighs 190 grams, or 7 ounces, and contains 125 calories. Serving size. Lychees lack fat and protein and if you are consuming too many lychees then it means you are getting a large portion of calories from carbohydrates. This side effect is a matter of concern only when you are consuming lychees in excessive quantity and when your diet lack protein and fat. A serving of canned lychees contains 27 grams of sugar, but not all of that is naturally occurring sugar. Grapes' sugar content can vary by varietal, but tend to be fairly high in sugar. If you're eating too many canned lychees you could be surpassing the limit for added sugars recommended by the American Heart Association, which is 100 calories for women and 150 calories for men. Calories in Dole. Comprehensive nutrition resource for Lychee. Energy: 62 calories. Other similar brands. The serving size for fresh lychee fruit is 1 cup. It has 1.5 grams of protein and 1 gram of fat. Start a food diary - add this item. Protein: 0.9g: Carbs: 14.3g: Fat: 0.1g: Proportion of total calories contributed by protein, carbs and fat. There are 15 calories in 1 tablespoon (0.5 oz) of Roland Lychees in Heavy Syrup, canned. One cup of Lychee fruit provides potassium, copper and phosphorus. Calories in Asda Lychees 200g. Visit CalorieKing to … Lychee fruits provide 31 grams of carbohydrates, including 29 grams of natural sugars.
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