This is known as your research philosophy and is done through your ontology and epistemology. Irene Vasilachis de Gialdino. … Ontology and Epistemology in Research. This paper uses the focus of identity and acculturation within schools as the basis for a reflection on the ways in which researchers ground their investigations. Read more about Epistemology here. It identifies the necessity for researchers to ensure that their own ontological perceptions, epistemological stances and methods for data gathering and interpretation are closely aligned. Research philosophy is essentially a set of beliefs or metaphysics that represent the researcher’s world-view; the nature of ‘the world’, the individual’s place in it and the range of possible relationships to that world. The relationship between epistemology and method is rarely articulated through our formal coursework education either at undergraduate or postgraduate level; certainly this is true in many psychology programmes. choosing quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods will be discussed in later article. Simply put, ontology relates to the assumptions we make about the nature of reality, epistemology sets out beliefs about how one might discover knowledge about that reality and methodology specifies the tools and techniques that we use in the conduct of our research. (Research Paradigm, Ontology and Epistemology) Introduction Curiosity, observation and the quest for better understanding about our surroundings are vital elements of human nature which consequently leads towards gaining enriched knowledge. Qualitative research does not produce facts and figures but in a complete description of the subject of research. Volume 10, No. 30 – May 2009 . This tends to be either scientific or society based. Epistemology also deals with the relationship between the reality and the researcher, i.e., how does the researcher gains knowledge. Critically, these three words form relationships to each other. Given below are some common approaches to research (research paradigms) and the ontology and epistemology related to them. Nowhere during my formal education was the connection between epistemology and method clearly explained, indeed the entire notion of a philosophical foundation to research was … Qualitative research on the other hand does not expect the researcher to have a clear idea of what is being studied. Rather than following a fixed process the research process changes as the researcher learns more about the topic and what they actually need to research. Ontological and Epistemological Foundations of Qualitative Research. Specifically, epistemology is concerned with possibilities, nature, sources and limitations of knowledge in the field of study. Alternatively, epistemology can be branded as the study of the criteria by which the researcher classifies what does and does not constitute the knowledge. Epistemology in a business research as a branch of philosophy deals with the sources of knowledge. 2, Art. Figure 1: Epistemology and Ontology (Corkill, 2006) It is vital to decide on your approach before moving into your research design, and the impact of your choice upon design e.g.
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