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horsepower to mph calculator
Let's be honest - sometimes the best horsepower calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the horsepower formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating horsepower then please check out the "Formula" box above. Calculations - 100/month. This calculator estimates your 60 foot, eighth and quarter mile elapsed times and trap speed when given the weight of the car and flywheel or wheel horsepower. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2020 Calculator Pro Calculators All Rights Reserved. (i.e) from starting point to end line. Our quarter mile calculator for drag racing provides the et time (seconds) and trap speed (mph) based on the horsepower and weight of the vehicle. and trap speed in miles-per-hour. Horsepower is not recognized in the International System of Units (SI); SI uses a measurement of power (a rate at which energy is generated or used) called a watt, which is named after James Watt. This calculator can be used to compute horsepower according to its definition and to convert between different power units. Also, be sure to check out the 1/4 Mile Calculator to see how fast your vehicle can complete a quarter mile race. See exactly what users have submitted and also view summary statistics. To find the engine horsepower of a vehicle please use our Engine Horsepower Calculator. Required link back. In simple words, the calculator tells you how much horsepower your vehicle … Horsepower is a measurement of power, or the rate at which work is done. Wallace Racing - ET/MPH/HP Calculator. A watt is defined as one joule per second and is generally used to quantify a rate of energy transfer for smaller rates of power consumption such as lightbulb or smartphone charging. Enter the Weight and HP for ET and MPH, Then Press 'Enter' Key MPH = 234 * (HP / Weight) ^ .3333 ET = 1353 / MPH Weight Horsepower ET and MPH in Quarter Calculator: Wallace Racing BACK to Calculators. For example, if your engine has 350 horsepower then … Calculations - unlimited. The Horsepower Calculator will calculate the horsepower of any vehicle instantly if you provide the total weight in pounds of the vehicle (and its occupants) and the MPH (miles per hour) that the vehicle is traveling the instant the vehicle crosses the finish line for the quarter mile (called the "trap speed"). Example a 700R4 transmission has an overdive ratio 0.7:1. For more information or to do calculations on vehicle horsepower, use the Engine Horsepower Calculator. Calculate mph for RPM range: Tire diameter: Gear Ratio: This calculation assumes the car's transmission is in drive or 1:1 ratio, no overdrive. Although horsepower is an important metric for doing so, it should not be the only consideration in determining a vehicle's ability as there are other factors such as power-to-weight ratio, torque, drivetrain, and forced induction. horsepower required for elapsed time goal; kilowatt required for elapsed time goal; performance Menu Toggle. To be able to calculate the speed in miles per hour in addition to the RPM's, you need to know the diameter of the saw blade and convert this to its circumference. No link. Not a substitude for actual testing. However, there are other lesser known definitions of the word. Horsepower is a unit of measurement of power developed by engineer James Watt in the late 18th century. What exactly is the technical definition of horsepower anyway? Gain valuable insights with real-time statistics and analytics for your calculator. For a 4.11 rear end multiply 4.11 x … if someone could pull something that weighs 33,000 lbs one foot in one minute then they would have 1 horsepower). Coincidentally, one BTU is also the roughly the amount of energy released by burning one match. Weights should be actual running weight as determined by a scale and are to include driver, fuel, engines, supplies etc. For 60 foot, 330 foot and 660 foot split as well use our quarter mile calculator with incremental. This is just the HP necessary to sustain that speed, not what your engine total HP is. Converts between different units of power. Torque - Horsepower (hp) conversion is a method of converting one unit from other and vice versa. Although its original purpose was to compare the output of steam engines with the power of horses (hence its name), it has since been adopted as a unit of measurement for all sorts of engines used to power things such as vehicles, lawn mowers, boats, chainsaw, and airplanes.
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