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guru gobind singh sons
Tears flowed from the eyes of the onlookers who watched this tragedy – horrible even for this regime known for persecution. Gave me courage! They took shelter in a small mud fort at Chamkaur and fortified it in preparation for battle. The third son of Guru Gobind Singh, he was born to the Guru's first wife Jito at Anandpur, and at birth named Zorawar, meaning "Brave.". The siege was bitter for the Sikhs, but costly to the imperial armies also. In the morning, the soldiers came to bring them to face Wazir Khan. The sahibzade were imprisoned with their grandmother and put to death by cruel Mughal rulers who attempted to suffocate them ​inside a brick enclosure. Sant Singh was in charge of the battle and they inflicted great loss on the enemy. Determined to see them die, the Wazir, ordered the heads of the innocent 7- and 9-year-old sahibzade to be severed from their bodies. “They are brave sons of their brave father!” said another. has given the supreme sacrifice for the security of people and defence of their motherland. Their bravery and sacrifice against a much greater army of mughals is legendary and will continue to inspire Indians. Nishchay par Apni meet Karo, Thanks bro ,it’s They devised a new pattern for fighting. Sikhs can defeat the world if they unite. If not, he proclaimed, they would be killed. His birth name was Gobind Rai, and a shrine named Takht Sri Patna Harimandar Sahibmarks the site of the house where he was born and spent the first four years of his life. They ate all the leaves and flowers that grew within the city walls. His younger sons Baba Zoravar Singh (9 years old) and Baba Fateh Singh (6 years old) were captured by Wazir Khan, the Muslim governor (Nawab) of Sirhind under Mughals. Tears came from my heart,love and respect to my Sikh brothers from Kerala. Mata Jito Ji (Ajit Kaur) First Wife of Guru Gobind Singh, Biography of Mata Sundri (Sundari Kaur), 2nd Wife of Guru Gobind Singh, Panj Pyare: The 5 Beloved of Sikh History, Nanakshahi Calendar Year 548 International Gurpurab Dates 2016 - 2017, 30 Shaheed Singh Martyrs of the Rajput Clan, Letters From Guru Gobind Singh to Aurangzeb, Sirhind Martyrdom of Mata Gujri and Younger Sahibzade (1705), Martyrdom and the Execution of Guru Arjan in Early Sikh Sources. Punj Piara Bhai Sahib Singh and hundreds of brave Sikhs were killed in the battle. Jujhar was initiated at eight years of age along with his family and given the name Singh at Anandpur Sahib on Vaisakhi, April 13, 1699, when his father Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa order of warrior saints. The enemy fell like rain in the monsoon until Baba Jujhar Singh and his five Sikhs also succumbed to the overwhelming numbers. Fateh was martyred at the age of six on Sirhind Fatehghar, December 12, 1705 CE, the 13th day of the month of Poh, SV year 1762. The Khalsa stripped the bark off the trees and baked it into bread. They shouted curses at the Brahmin and were shocked at the depravity of the Moghul governor. The first attack on Anandpur Sahib was in the winter of 1695. The two eldest boys took Amrit and joined the brotherhood of the Khalsa. With a mischievous look, he turned his back to the door and scooted through backwards with Zorawar Singh close behind. Sahibzada Jujhar Singh was born on Sunday, March 14, 1691 CE, in the seventh of the month of Chet, SV year 1747. Great heroes ,brave sons and family who The soldiers roughly pushed them to go through the door, but to do so they would have to bend over and duck down to enter. Their grandmother Mata Gujri died of shock in the prison tower. When all peaceful means have been tried and failed, it is righteous and just to pick up the sword! He commanded that his generals  put an end to the Khalsa and raze the city of Anandpur. All four of his sons were initiated into the Khalsa and all were executed by Mughal forces before the age of 19. Along with his grandmother and his younger brother, he was captivated in Sirhind. At the tender age of 7 and 9, the two brothers died. Both of them were made to stand side-by-side. …Any soldier of yours who advanced beyond his defenses to attack my position, fell dripping his own blood. A reminder of the youngest sons sacrifice! Baba Jujhar Singh, the Guru’s second son aged 14, on seeing his brother’s brave fight could not restrain himself and asked his father’s permission to join the battle. Zorawar was given the name Singh at the age of five and was initiated along with his family members Anandpur Sahib in the first Amritsanchar ceremony held on Vaisakhi Day, April 13, 1699. Baba Zorawar Singh was the third son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. In 1670, his family returned to Punjab, and in March 1672 they moved to Chakk Nanaki in the Himalayan foothills of north India, calle… Zorawar Singh and his younger brother Fateh Singh were captured with their grandmother Gujri, the mother of Guru Gobind Singh. regards. NISCHAY KAR APNI JEET KARO Large numbers of Sikhs came to see the Guru after a long separation, a time that was marked by harsh, painful events. The Guru knew it was a trap and that the Moghuls would ambush them, but on the repeated requests of his family and advisors, Guru Gobind Singh agreed to leave the fort. Baba Zorawar Singh saw the evil trickery of Wazir Khan and said, “Brother, wait. At dawn, a loud banging came on the door and the soldiers of the evil governor Wazir Khan came to escort the holy family to Sarhind. The strategy of the Moghuls was to tighten the noose of siege on the city until the will of the Sikhs was broken. In the confusion, the Guru and his companions silently left the fort. See what this evil man is doing? The tenth master of the Sikhs had laid the foundation of the Khalsa, a sect that was dedicated to fight against state oppression of the Mughal rule and determined to challenge the caste-based divisions practiced by orthodox Hindus. The Sikhs were in ecstasy to be with their Guru once again. When Aurangzeb received the Zafarnama, he was aghast with the bare truth of what evil he had done. We are the sons of the 10th Guru and we will never bow our heads to such a man!”. The Sikhs left the fort at night whenever they could and took supplies from the enemy’s camp. They were quickly exhausting the resources of the local area. The youth took five more Sikhs with him and like his brother before him, created havoc among the seasoned enemy soldiers. they never die who sacrifices their life for the Nation, Inspirational history and motivational to study great guru, Wage Guru Ji ka Khalsa Fateh Singh and his brother survived being bricked up alive, but then the order was given for them to be beheaded. “As to the battle at Chamkaur,” the Guru wrote, “what could forty men do when a hundred thousand swarmed around them? Their bravery strengthens us, their sacrifice inspires us and their love of Guru guides us. This is really unfortunate that such great act of bravery are not part of academic studies. “What crime have they committed?” cried one. Wazir Khan was furious when he saw that he had been out-smarted by a seven-year-old boy. All four of his sons were initiated into the Khalsa and all were executed by Mughal forces before the age of 19. Our past, present and future generations will always be indebted to them. This week marks 312 th anniversary of the martyrdom of the two young sons of Guru Gobind Singh and his mother. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Guru Gobind Singh wrote a beautiful letter to Aurangzeb, known as the “Zafarnama” which means the “Letter of Victory.” He chastises the Emperor for his cruelty, his falsehood and his deceit; explaining the Sikh code of warfare and exposing Aurangzeb for his corrupt morality. Very encouraging and reminding us of ourselves.
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